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  1. "Science and Religion" discussion group

    Hi everyone

    It was nice to find this place. I think I may have posted here in the past by I'm not quite sure.

    Pretty soon I'll be running a discussion group at my church on "Science and Religion." I'm curious as to your opinion on several things.

    Question 1) Has it every appeared to you as if science and religion are incompatible?

    Question 2) Do you believe that a person could logically be a scientist and a Christian at the same time?

    Question 3) If you heard of this group and it was given the name above, what do you think it'd be about? What material do you think you'd be covering?

    More questions later.

    Thank you very much for your help and opinions.

    Best wishes

  2. 1. I don't believe that true science (that which seeks the truth) is incompatible with true religion.

    2. There is no reason why a Christian can't be a scientist as long as He doesn't leave God out of the equation.

    3. I don't understand the 3rd question.

  3. 1> Science is not in the lest bit incompatible with religion, though possibly it is with faith. The Bible says, does not nature itself prove the glory of God. The problem only comes with the fact that often, science is so 'concrete' in it's facts, that anything we can't see/touch/feel is eliminated from the equasion. This isn't because of any flaw in either science or relgion, simply that our currect technology is inadequate to the task of finding the WHOLE truth. Remember, Evolution is STILL a theory. IMO, Evolution itself is a religion. it's devotees are so dedicated, that they will pursue it despite any evidence to the contrary.

    2> There are many who are both Scientists and Christians. Both fields deal with similiar subjects. Science seeks fact, Christians seek Truth. Truth is the wisdom behind the facts, so they should be completely compatible. It is dangerous when one overrides the other however. When religion ruled science, we thought it HERESY against God to suggest it was round. When Science ignores religion, we think that Fish become monkeys.

    3> I'm warry of any group that tries overly hard to tie themselves to Christianity. My first impression is "Christian Scientists", which aren't really Scientists at all, so it's likely that such a group would "appear" to have an affiliation there as well.
  4. Science and religion are absolutely compatible, to a point. Science is nothing more than understanding God's design and using it for our benefit. Certainly technology, medicine, transportation, and a billion other conveniences of modern life have sprung forth from scientific discoveries.

    However, when we leave God out of the equation, a line has been crossed. Science itself is wonderful, when we give recognition to the Creator of all things. But when these groups "prove" that God does not exist and that everything is just random, it all breaks down.

    I would check out the group very carefully...if you're a Believer, you will see what is truth and what is not.
  5. 1) Science is a search for truth, it's not only compatible with Christianity, in truth it begins and ends there. Faith must have an object, faith in faith is a new age concept with faith the object itself. In this line of thought we find science claiming they have no faith and people who claim to live only by faith saying science is of the devil. But true science has only one object, that is truth. True faith in God has only one object, the Way the Truth and the Life, God.
    So, I believe the new age concept that faith is an object itself has led us to this point.
    Science will not say, there is no God. Christians will not say there is no God. One may believe and have faith in God, the other may not. But either who places faith in faith as a reason to misunderstand the other, is confused. And there is a lot of that going around.

    2) Searching for truth in natural things and laws, while having faith in God should be a natural condition. It seems ideal to me.

    3) I to am put on guard when I hear the science/God title to anything. But some of my favorite books are based upon the connection between the two.
    The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder, (from memory, I am not in my library)
    Why we believe by Paul Little
    And a great book by Westmoreland that the name escapes me.
  6. The 3rd question states

    Question 3) If you heard of this group and it was given the name above, what do you think it'd be about? What material do you think you'd be covering?

    I've spoken to different people about this group to those people who go to my church and those who don't go to my church. Today I asked a friend of mine this question. His answer was "It'd be about Evolution vs Creation". This is not soley what the group is about and I believe I'll have to right up a statement stating the goals of the group. This will take some time since I'm not yet sure what goals we'll persue. I figured that I'd take a library book out called "Science and Religion" by Schilling and read it cover to cover and decide from their. Of course there may be some topics that I would absolutely love to cover and I'm hoping someone here might give me some ideas.

    Best regards


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