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  1. Just a bit of fun really but my mother bought these for the garden.

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  2. They look so friendly I suspect they will attract more crows than they will repel.:D
  3. LOL.

    Actually, there is a pair of carrion crows around and the scarecrows don't seem to bother them although the crows' interest is not in the veg plot but in a bird table where we are putting food up for the blackbirds. I think atm, everything that might interest birds in the veg plot is covered one way or other.

    As for the friendly scarecrows, they did make me jump a couple of times yesterday. I've caught a sort of glimpse of a shadow in my peripheral vision and at first thought there is someone behind me then laughed to myself when I realised what it was...
  4. If I only had a brrrrraaaaiiinnnn heheheh from Wizard of OZ. I like them scare crows! very cool

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