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  1. Scam!

    Our neighborhood newsletter.
    I already checked this out on snopes and it's true~


    Thanks, Ban
  2. You may want to edit that photo and delete the information at the bottom if it really is YOUR neighborhood newsletter since it includes names and addresses.

    That being said, it's generally a good idea NOT to respond to these types of solicitations not matter WHAT the area code is.
  3. That would be impossible to do here in Germany. The end user isn't liable for telephone fraud of any kind.
  4. Wow, Germany... Lived there for almost 11 years. Loved it.

    Send soem bratwurst when you can...

    Where in Germany, might I ask?

    I lived in:


    Also lived in Holland (The Nederlands)

    God bless,
  5. Golly...

    Imagine this person putting all that work and imagination into honeslty earning money?

    I mean, it took time and effort and talent into thinking this one up. Imagine what he could do if he put that energy into honest work.:rolleyes:
  6. Just something that got me wondering yesterday... Recieved aphone call recording stating that I am
    illegible for a reduction of finance charges on my Credit card...
    Press 1 if I wanted a reduction Press 2 if I did not want to recieve further phone messages ... I hung up...

    We have several credit cards, and the never named any charge card, and I felt whether I pressed 1 or 2 there was going to be a problem...

  7. This happened to my grandparents once. A week later a guy showed up to install their internet.


    They don't own a computer, or have any clue how to even use one...
  8. A few years ago there was this guy here who went apartment to apartment offering to install peep holes in He recieved a lot of requests, and the following week the man went to those apartment buildings to satisfy his customers. He knocked on the doors, recieved payment in advance, around $20, and went about his business. He measured the distance from the floor to the would be hole, pulled out his cordless and drilled. After he was finished he explained to the curious customer that his colleague would be along shortly to install the peeper. So the customers waited and waited and waited. No one showed up. The duped customers weren't only out $20 cash, but they also had a fresh hole in their door for their trouble....oh yeah, when the guy was caught he had already earned over a thousand dollars.

    Darmstadt area.
  9. Well...I'm sure they could peep out of the hole that he drilled!


    Lord, Almighty...what is this world coming to?:(
  10. Wow...a cheap "peeper" would prolly cost about $5, maybe $10. If he gets them in bulk and does it honestly, he could have had an honest $750 for the SAME amount of work. That's sad...
  11. Thanks for the info, Violet.

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