Say something nice about the person ...

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Lady Karen, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Say something nice about the person ...

    Say something nice about the person above you ... :shepherd:
  2. The person below me exists only in my imagination... And that is why they are awesome...

    The person above me... I don't know her well enough to comment on her as a person, But she must be cool to start a thread like this...
  3. Tell Tale ... Seems like a really nice person too since he is new to the board and so I would like to say WELCOME !!!
  4. Wait a second... you can't go twice! Wait, now I've posted twice! We've entered a dangerous cycle here... QUICK!! SWIM TO SHORE!!!
  5. The person above is funny and sweet!:)

  6. The person above welcomed me to the forum so I like her already! She must be nice! :D
  7. ^ The person above me ... is a new babe in Christ !!!
  8. She is very friendly and warm and sensitive. :D
  9. :DThe person before me is really sweet and encouraging and helpful on this site!!!!
    I always enjoy reading her comments and posts!

    cute thread Lady!!!:)
  10. new2christ ... thank you so much I am glad that you like the thread !!!
  11. the person above me will protect me from evil.:)
  12. The person above me seeks God will all his heart and helps us "think outside the box" and trust God to take us to the "next level" of faith.
  13. :groupray: hugs for smellykat

    :groupray: hugs for worshipper too and they are really nice !!!
  14. LK is a very nice lady who loves God and His people!:)
  15. My brother Larry (Bo) is cool :cool:and wise...:shepherd:
    sending hugs back to you LK :groupray:
  16. worshipper is a very kind person who allways seems to have time to pray for every one
  17. Chris has been going through trials but has faith like a rock. I see Jesus in him.
  18. My son Larry has a heart after Christ and is always helpful and always has a kind word to say to every one . Love you , son.
  19. Dusty is a very kind and caring person who allways brings a smile to my face with her jokes no matter how bad i feel.
  20. :groupray: all of you here make me smile and I am glad to be here with all of you !!!

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