Say Something Kind!

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  1. Say Something Kind!

    In this thread, you must say something kind about someone else.

    The person that you complimented must respond to your compliment or kindness...and then pass it on to ANOTHER PERSON (not the same person who complimented them).

    For Example:

    BARNEY: Gee, look like you've lost weight!

    FRED: Why thank you, Barney--I have. And you look like you grew another 8th of an inch. Wilma!!! Them rocks around your neck look mighty big today, Wilma...

    ...and so on.

    I'll start.

    Violet, you're always so cheerful and upbeat--sometimes it just makes my day! You know, that kind of attitude is contagious; and if I'm feeling a bit crummy I can always depend on one of your posts to lift my spirits!:D
  2. Whirlwind,
    I appreciate you so very much and you always give me so much encouragement! You too are so positive and uplifting in the spirit and have much wisdom.Thank you:)


    you too are such an encouragement to me!
    I enjoy our Bible studies~
    I appreciate your kindness!
    You are very much appreciated! You also are a very wise and Godly man~:)

    Did I do that right, WW? :D
  3. Yup.

    Now your turn, Sylv...respond to Violet's kindness...and then pass this on to someone else.;)

    (doesn't this feel good?)

    Violet: It does feel good!
    I think we should PM the person we complimented so they don't overlook this Hmmm?
  4. WOW.........
    A thread waiting on me?
    My, and a nice one at that :D
    Whirlwind: That's a fantastic Idea.

    Why...Thank you :)
    I really enjoy our Bible studies too, and your spirit has lifted me so many times, your loveliness is that of a rare pearl. I wanted to give you the next compliment, but then we'd be going in circle, won't we? :p

    I wanted to take this opportunity to apologise for neglecting our friendship. You have always been so kind to me, and so cheerful too. I love your sense of humor, and your love for life. Must be a texan thing hein? Or is it Romanian? :p
    I love your posts too :D
    You're lovely and most lovable, and I love that you have two beautiful girls and a cherishing husband.
    Your interactions always bring gladness to my heart. Thank you.

    PM sent.
  5. I want to thank boanerges for his wonderful sense of humor, sometimes he makes me laugh so hard my coworkers are looking funny at my. Like the thread about breastfeeding and he said he thought it was OK as long as they didn't have a moustache...I almost died laughing.:guitar:
  6. Yah I guess your laughing because somebody did not read the directions...... Tee Hee
  7. OK, I sent a pm...
  8. Sorry I spent the day with my bride, she was getting a good checkup on her heart. Everything is fine praise God.
    Don you are a great brother and I thank God for your faithful spirit and love of the truth.:D

    Dusty my other Mom, I cannot count the times you have blessed me, you are a real joy!
  9. ok lots to choose but i like dusty for research on truth.:)
  10. Thank you Sylv, what kind words indeed!

    Here I go...

    To Violet: I love your passion for the Lord and the way you love your life, your family and even strangers. Thank you also for all the pretty pictures you are posting, they are a delight!

    To Dusty: You are such a great encourager! I love the way you take time to uplift others even when things are not going so great in your life! What a great example you are to all of us!

    To Larry (Or I sometimes lovingly call you, "B":D): Thank you for always taking time to address all my concerns about this forum, for your sense of humor and your open mind! Oh, and I'm really glad you decided to stay here:D!

    Ok, that's it for now, but I'm sure I will think of more later!

    P.S. I love this thread!:goodpost:
  11. First of all thankyou to my adopted son Larry for picking me as your inspirational posts are so uplifting, loving, honest and informative. Plus your Bible verses are timely and just what I need. Your love for others on this forum shines through and you are truly an example of what a christian should be. By your fruits ye shall know them and Larry your fruits are evident. Your Bible verses are so timely and sometimes exactly what I need for the day and the same with your songs. Keep on doing what you are doing. I love you my son.

    And you Michael , I am so honoured that of all the people you picked me. Over the time that I have been here I have gotten to know you better and understand what you are trying to say. I love you brother. Thanks and God Bless.

    Ok now I have to nominate someone. I guess it can't be any one who has already been chosen.Let's see .

    OK.... I will pick My little Russian Princess..... God's Child. I haven't seen her for a while but she sends me pm's all the time and she is so sweet. Your love for the Lord is so evident and your zeal to learn English, your friendliness,your beautiful pictures that you share plus the ones that you have done are so beautiful. You my dear are a real inspiration to the young people on this forum.I love you Tania.

    PM ....sent to God's Child
  12. Dear Laura... I thankyou very much but I don't think we are following Whirlwind's instructions any more so here goes. Sorry Whirlwind we broke ranks .... He He .... Laura made me do it .... Ha Ha .

    Laura....... You also bring a lot to this forum and I love and appreciate you as you also are a great encouragement to me . I love to read about your family and your home. Thank you for being you. I love you Laura.

    Violet...... The best thing is your beautiful art work, and always something that fits in with the topic. You have a big heart and are so loving and kind. I love you Violet.

    Whirlwind..... He He ... Brother you have to be the most upbeat guy here always coming back with little jokes and although you have been through a lot with being a native American you are showing your true love of Christ that impacts your community. Keep on eating those fireballs... He He

    Larry II ( Yasher).. You bring a lot to this forum with your years of knowledge and your studies. You are a great friend and have helped me with a lot of computer stuff so I say thanks to you. Blessings to you and the wife.

    Bro Jeff.. Thankyou for al the hard work of keeping this forum a float and keeping it such a loving family. It is truly a unique and loving place to be. you my brother are to be commended. God richly bless you. Love to you and your family.

    Pastor Gary.... I want to tell you that you are a blessing and a help to all and your thoughts and messages are recieved with anticipation . Thankyou Pastor Gary.

    Pastor Rick..... I am happy to read your mini sermons and your Biblical comments. May the Lord bless you .

    Brother Ban... You also bring so much to this forum and your love for the Lord is evident in all that you say. Even when you disagree it is with dignity and love and you are so resspectful of others and their views. Thanks.
  13. For now.....

    you brighten my day with your fun-loving, Godly spirit.
    Your daughters are very blessed that God chose YOU to be their mommy~

    Miss Dusty
    I thank you for sharing my heartaches and encouraging me~
    Just for listening.....

    You too are an encouragement and so high on life all the time!!!

    I love you all
  14. Thanks sis I am glad you are here.
    To Pastor Gary a faithful servant of God and a good friend.
  15. Hey, thank you, dear Dusty!!!:) You are a real blessing to me here!

    Dear brothers and sisters here! I would like to say lots of kind words to all of you. OK, I will not be repeating...

    To Housesitter:

    Brother Ray:)! Thank you for being a kind, helpful, understanding and caring moderator of this beautiful forum. May God richly you!
    (PM sent)
  16. Violet-
    You are like the internet sister I never had!!!!!!!!:heart::guitar::crying_anim::smile_anim::camera:

    I WUV YOU!
  17. You can feel the love in here!

    It's all warm and fuzzy and comfy!:groupray:
  18. So you're not mad at me for sabotaging your rules ? Please.... I'll send you some fire balls. oops ,can't send what we don't have Anyways I am sorry, honestly, I have so many to thank here. I love you all . Thanks to you Whirlwind for starting this thread.

  19. It's better this way, anyway!:D

    Just say something nice. There's already so much one can say to hurt, as Christians we should take time to say nice things. It's not very hard to do, and it makes the world a better place.

    Bo - you're level-headed and planted solidly in your belief. Those are traits to be admired. I don't think anybody can easily sway you from God, and that's something for the rest of us to look up to.

    Dusty - you're a lot like Violet. You're so upbeat and kind and you can see right through the bad things towards the center, where all things are good and lead to the Glory of God!:D

    Ban - you're kind of a doesn't-beat-around-the-bush type of guy. If it needs to be said, you're going to say it point-blank. No mincing, no pretty masks. Your words are firm and true, and they show that you're well educated in the scripture.

    Quite the collection of characters we have in here, huh?:cool:

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