Satan Turns The Soul To Darkness

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  1. The reason this happens is not hard to find. Man with a sin nature is a born enemy of Christ, for it is Satan in the sinner who most strongly opposes Christ.
    Man with the sin nature and death-life will desire to remain under the law, for it is Satan who finally uses the law to his own ends.
    Satan strives against the freedom of the true gospel, and he becomes very religious when law is embraced.
    It is Satan who wants the church to rule rather than Christ.
    It is Satan who wants man's doctrine to be advocated over the teaching of the Holy Spirit to the believer. It is Satan who will take the heart set free by the Christ-life, through the outward sanctities of traditional ceremonies, gorgeous vestments and rituals, and turn the soul to darkness of religion.
    Such a believer who is so involved finally longs for an impressive and authoritative constitution, one which will overpower the senses and rule the world.
    Even though such a believer has Christ in him, when misled in his soul by false teaching, he will desire a fixed body of doctrine and will demand that everybody give allegiance to it until all are stereotyped.
    He will demand that all divine mysteries be explained by the hierarchy of religion, and the revealing work of the Holy Spirit will be obliterated. Finally, in man will be the answer to every possible question.
    He will be the rock, the leader, and it is to him finally that the church will build monuments and because of him that the people will be denied the wholeness of Christ.
    It is such as this that happens today, where religion has become highly visible and the mystery of Christ in us eclipsed.
    Everything must be made visible so that the natural man can grasp the gospel.
    That gospel is nothing but an extension of the knowledge of good and evil.
    When Satan gets his hold, by law, his message is simple: "be good; don't do evil."
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  2. Noblemen
    A couple things here.
    One your understanding of our enemy the devil and how he operates is far less then 100 percent complete.

    Why allow anything to capitalize anything in reference to him?

    Blessings brother
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  3. Seems to me that you are saying that Satan is actually the prince of the power of the air. I would agree with that.
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  4. Care to elaborate on the 100% completion
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  5. Amen Brother
    he is the god of this world system.
    he hates God and man and he has been trying to rule over all.

    he is suttle and full of trickery and is nothing like the hollywood character in a red suit and pitch fork and so monster scary and so powerful. he has to look for some one to devour or give him free right. See that's the problem, most believers have no clue to his wiles.

    That will change though
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  6. Oh you know it brother. ......
    I am and it will be up and running soon.
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  7. Just curious about your theology, I'm laying mine out and being open. Writing is never 100% it's man trying his best to interprete what is written, hopefully with much study and the help of the Holy Spirit.
    Religion will never come along and lay out a message that sets a believer free, in fact the complete opposite is true.
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  8. Oh I do so agree big time, Religion kills. Far to much of our little sayings that we think are so Godly are nothing more then lies straight out of the pit passed down generation after generation by the church and they are nothing but worthless pieces of religious traditions and so cleverly hidden that they sound like they are right out of the bible But are truly opposed to God's written word.

    As far as the truth I know about how our enemy the devil operates, well brother like I said, it will be posted soon. I hope to get enough done over the next couple of days to get it started.

    This thing started one way and I quickly found myself being directed in a different and much more in depth direction.

    Have a awesome day my brother and friend.
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  9. Your doing a good job Jim, as always I enjoy our conversations, bless you brother.
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  10. Amen. Religion is the best tool that Satan has.
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  11. And I for one enjoy your posts. They are thought provoking and Bible focused. No one agrees with everything we say but the key is to begin the conversation which hopefully will inspire people to do the work.
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