satan is a coverer

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  1. satan is a coverer

    every word in this world is Gods.people are giving satan dominion over in,down,dragon,snake,etc.people are listening to other people and think they know what and who they are by the words they speak,and meanings etc.Jesus weighs your heart.and tells you to treat everybody the same.patience is the key guys check people by Jesus not slang words etc.
  2. Amen Mike, God judges us by the content of our heart and not our exterior looks or behavior.
  3. i think this is how we become as 1,same spirit,thx m8.:)
  4. I remember last fall. I was driving down the street by my house. I saw a guy walking down the sidewalk. He had a shaved head, tattoos on both arms, etc. The first thought that came to my mind was, “trouble maker”. The next thought that came to my mind was, “wait a minute… he looks a lot like me”. I repented right away for judging him by his appearance. :eek:

    I try to be tolerant of people who judge me by my appearance. :)
  5. i know how you feel i walk the streets and people won,t look at me.if your a big man they think your a thug,tv has a lot to answer for.
  6. But does not the exterior reflect the interior? Scripture condemns people for their behaviour doesn't it?
  7. i don,t know what you mean,if you look like a thug you are a thug.?or if you are beautiful on the inside same on the outside.?
  8. If a person say for example violently assaults you (an exterior action) doesn't that reveal that there is something wrong with that person on the inside (interiorly).

    Also doesn't justice and the protection of the good people in society require that men who do wicked things be restrained from doing harm by the threat of punishment by a legitimate authority (ie. the lawful government (give to caesar)). It would be wrong to treat a mass murderer the same as someone who feeds the hungry surely?

    And God also is Just so won't he punish a person for doing evil?

    Also from scripture I cannot find what you say about Jesus telling us to treat everyone the same, he seems to say the opposite in certain passages for example:

    " 15 But if thy brother sinneth against thee, go thou, and reprove him, betwixt thee and him alone; if he heareth thee, thou hast won thy brother. 16 And if he heareth thee not, take with thee one or twain, that every word stand in the mouth of twain or three witnesses. [Truly if he shall not hear thee, take with thee one or two, that every word stand in the mouth of two or three witnesses.]
    17 And if he heareth not them, say thou to the church. But if he heareth not the church, be he as an heathen and a publican to thee." Matthew 18:15-17
  9. i think a man can be controlled by satan,that does not mean that man won,t be saved.if satan has any man or woman they are in his control.job was only saved because God said spare him,Jesus is salvation not the law of the land.
  10. Are you suggesting that we are not responsible for our sins?

    That seems a very dangerous thing to believe to me if that is what you are saying.

    Any thoughts on the other things I wrote?
  11. not at all we are responsable.just that some people are not saved yet.
  12. Do you think all are saved eventually?
  13. hopefully but we know this is not true.:eek:
  14. heh Mike- satan may be a coverer but God brings all things to light.:) What is doen in darkness shall be seen in broad daylight and what is whispered in a closet may have just as well be shouted from the rooftops.
  15. correct ,what we learn we shout aloud.we are messangers.

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