Satan Celebration At Harvard

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Brother Paul, May 9, 2014.

  1. Well many are protesting but freedom of expression protects them. If the University is calling this "Satanic Mass" is a Black Mass celebrating Satan and being held in the basement of Memorial Church of Harvard University...
  2. Please elaborate. I haven't heard of this.
  3. May 12th...its on...all who care should pray against them and what they may influence

  4. wow just looked it up. I can't believe Harvard would let them do that.
  5. Unfortunately what makes it worse is that is being held in Memorial Church. Sadly I know a few Harvard Divinity School grads (two are Priests) and they each doubt the word is the word of God and do not believe in some of the most basic Christian doctrines...though I am sure that is not true for all...
  6. Creepy...: /
  7. this is down right RIDUCULOUS!

    I mean serious, do those kids not know how lucky they are, to be in Harvard, that could open so many doors for them that the rest of us could only dream of?

    If I could get into Harvard, I would never do something stupid like that, even if I am not a Christian.
  8. Lol forget Harvard...everything in this world will pass away..on judgement day God won't care that you went to Harvard...

    Their soul is most important
  9. Its funny how the internet makes this feel like its in my backyard too. Sure enough everyone else will follow.

    The evil sure are getting bolder these days.
  10. The really sad part of this, is that Harvard was originally a Christian seminary that educated men to be teachers and sent them out west to educate the masses through reading the Word of God.
  11. This is gross. What a disgusting mockery! I will say a prayer for them.
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  13. I thought those harvard students were smarter than that..
  14. The longer we live the more stuff we find out that we do not like!
  15. seems that they are educated beyond their intelligence!
  16. College don't make you smarter it makes you broke LOL
  17. I wonder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what does the icon of a rainbow that indicates "Optomistic" really mean????
  18. The optimism comes when you think you're going to find the pot of gold at the end of it :confused:(y)
  19. that would be another thread.

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