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  1. We are saved unto good works, we are saved for the purpose of good works, but we are not saved by our good works, or kept saved by our good works, or not upon any promise you might make along those lines, but upon Christ’s righteousness and your faith in Christ’s faithful sacrifice on your behalf. It is at that point of your belief that God through his power from on high or what is called holy spirit sets you apart. Most have the idea that sanctification means to become progressively less sinful, therefore, progressively more holy down through the course of time through the avenue of either their promise or performance, their conduct or commitment. Relative righteousness comes into play as we try to sanctify ourselves according to what we perceive in our judicial minds, relative righteousness based, as to be righteous. Therefore, we stop doing some things, and we start doing some other things and we begin to believe that we are a prize package especially if we can relate and be connected to a large group doing the same thing. That is self-sanctification.
  2. It's important to distinguish between Biblical jutification and Biblical sanctification. Two distinct, and necessary, Biblical doctrines. Blessings.
  3. Sanctification, or Holiness, is not a cause of anything. We cannot just act less sinful and expect to be righteous. However, the effects of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, in whatever form your understand it, results in a cleansing of wickedness. We do not Sanctify ourselves by changing our behaviors, our behaviors change as a result of being Sanctified by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Absolutely true.

    When we come to Christ in the free pardon of sin, and accept Him as Lord and Savior we are declared righteouse.
    That is "Justification".

    Romans 3:28
    "Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law".

    Justification means that God has no charges against us. The shed blood of Jesus has cleansed us and washed away our sins.

    But God wants to do more than that!

    He wants to make us the kind of people we should hope to be for His glory. So then.........God has a plan where by He not only declares a sinner righteous and not guilty, He also is going to MAKE the sinner righteous. That process is called........
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  5. It's Christ sacrifice that sanctified us.

    Heb 10:10
    By that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.
  6. That of course is true.

    The process of declaring a sinner not guility starts and ends with the Godhead which is justification. One can not be santified unless he is justified.

    The Word of God deals with the marvelous economy that although we were without excuse (Rom. 1:20) we are now seen "free from sin (Rom. 6:18) because of the work and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus!!!

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