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  1. I just heard about this on my cousin's facebook page and I thought it was great!

    First link has the lyrics:

    You can listen to the song here:

    It's pretty catchy!

    Great responses to some of the arguments out there. I thought he was loving, but firm in not bending and accepting sin.
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  2. I'm happy there are people out there being bold for the Lord.
  3. I agree! He is getting a lot of flak for it, too.
  4. Naturally ;)

    I need to be bolder for the Lord.
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  5. Same here. When I posted it on facebook, I had to tell myself if people defriend me, they weren't friends to begin with.
  6. Definitely like his version much better. Too bad this isn't the song out there getting exposed to millions of young minds.
  7. Totally agree with everything he said. But the main message is about love. He is trying to tell us the lord loves us even if we have sins.

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