Sam and Aimee need help~

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  1. Sam and Aimee need help~

    They have been married a long time and have children.
    They have never been able to talk~
    They have never ever understood each other.
    They have both gone to separate counseling and marriage counseling and nothing has helped.
    They have gone to church together and talked about God.
    Aimee says she prays all the time about her marriage and nothing changes and I know she truly loves the LORD with all her heart~
    She asks, if the next 20, 40 years have to go on this way?
    What now?
  2. How about counseling the two of them togeather with a Pastor? Most folks do not realize what they are capable of loosing and the impact it will have on them!
  3. Sam won't share any personal stuff with a Pastor~
  4. Who does he share with them? How about a Pastor in a church where they are not known or if not a secular counselor?
  5. His mother~
    and it was a woman at work before too~

  6. Perhaps it should be suggested that they both go to an outside source, one who will be impartial and emotionally unattached. It shouldn't be a problem to reccomend it.
  7. Has anyone read the five love languages? Seems this would be very useful, thing is, one party has to be willing to make an effort to start with.
  8. It is just a simple reality sometimes we just marry the wrong person. Counseling does not always work whether it be a Pastor or even someone outsiede the church. We either try and think of any positive we may have in our life or go against the word of God and Divorce. We must just give it to God, because we probably jumped the gun for one reason or other.
    Sometimes we may be placed together for a reason unknown to us.
    I this post was no help at all, but the fact still remains this may be her next 20-40 years. Her future and joy (and her husbands) are in God's hands.
    I speak from experience.
  9. Thanks, BL and Tom~

    I am just curious how it is OK in God's eyes for one spouse to go through life sick all the time because of deep insecurity, panic and stress.
    To feel completely worthless and useless and beneath everyone in their life.
    It's beyond being unhappy.
    It is feeling sick, physically and mentally til you can't function any longer.

    Infidelity is less painful.

  10. We do not know His ways, and we have to trust that he knows what is best for us even if it seems unfare in our eyes.
    It doesn't seem right that life has to feel so empty, I guess that is one way uses to bring us closer to Him.
    Sorry, have to run off to work, another pleasent experience.
    Thank you Adam & Eve! I should not point fingers I'm sure I would have done no better and I can tell this by the way I tried to make decisions in my present time.
    Thank you LORD for being in control.
    God Bless everyone, talk to you later.
    Brother in Christ,
  11. Yeah, Tom, I guess you are right~
  12. Thank you both, very much~
  13. I don't believe that it is ok in God's eyes. I believe that this pain racked world needed a Saviour and that is why Christ came. We all have things we struggle with but in the end there is always one answer ot our problems. We are to loose our old life and find ourself in Christ. This is the opposite of what our flesh wants to do and if we focus on our problems they become insurmountable in our eyes. As we focus still on them we can sink into deep depression.
    Christ died to deliver us- we need to let go and die to ourselves to find the fulness of that. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. The joy of the Lord is our strength.
    Sooner or later we all come to the place in life where we must decide to either have faith in our circumstance or faith in our God. Being brought low is often the first step to being lifted up as this is often the only place- that place of utter helplessness- were we are fully willing to surrender and learn to walk in His strength.
    Never give up or loose faith- God is able, God is willing, God is working:
    Luk 12:32Fearnot,littleflock;foritis your Father's good pleasuretogiveyouthekingdom.

    I am in prayer for your family, your brother Larry.
  14. I am lifting this relationship up in prayer, I am also posting this link that may offer some suggestions not mentioned.
    May the Word of God be your marriage vow to eachother.
    Love in Christ,

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