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  1. My other cousin sister got saved. She saw hoe Jesus healed her sister from epilepsy and she is now saved.

    Miracles happen today. The get the attention of those in other religions quickly.It is my sole conviction that all sickness is the work of the devil.Not parent will give their child sickness to teach them anything. I am going to put my hands on another cousins knees that are not well in the name of Jesus and Jesus is going to heal her.
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  2. Wonderful post. Thank you. Jesus Christ still heals!
  3. Yes,
    God is able to heal every thing
    He is able to heal Body, because He only created this body
    He is able to heal soul too. because He is spirit and He created it,
    In my long ministry time i saw thousands of healings,
    Not only from my hand or from my mouth,
    Even believers in our churches, if they asks, if they in worries and sickness God is healed them in souls and body too..
    Psa 41:3 The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.
    4 I said, LORD, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee.
    I love to see the healing for body and soul by Jesus
    We saw many many healing in our churches.
    Also his word is able to heal our soul and conscience..

    Heb 9:14 How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?
    By His word our conscience is getting healing to serve him in a holy way..
    Thank you Jesus
  4. There is a serious need for the Word of God here! If what you say were all true, no Christian need ever die the first death, but youŕe wrong! Have you never read the Book of Job? And I dislike being a spoil sport but you cannot heal anyone, only God can do that.

    I know, I know, I´m a Baptist ad a SBC Baptist at that. Thje problem with that is that although I´m SBC, Iḿ guilty of anointing, laying on hands and praying for and they were healed, not by me... that was done by and in the will of God! Now, by man´s reasoning I have every right to be royally ticked off! Such, however, is not the case! I cannot begin to count the folks that have walked up to me in my Wheelchair or on my scooter and, praising God, ave told me what an encouragement it is to see me, teach, preach and sing praise songs to my LORD!

    You see, like Job, My dad, God, has allowed Satan to test me... I´ve been found Worthy! Remember, all is for the purpose of Glorifying God! (1Cor. 10:31)
  5. The person you are replying to, I believe, is a wonderful Christian leader in another country and English is not his first language.
    I am sure that he does not mean to say that he healed anyone. Jesus does the healing, and when we pray for does not
    always follow that they are totally healed, but sometimes they are and it often seems that these healings take place overseas in
    places where people have more faith that Jesus can heal us, if it is in His will, even in the 21st century.

    According to my doctor I was supposed to die in 2002 of a nasty cerebral bleed that left me a shattered person, not even able
    to use a wheelchair. In time I was healed after whole churches were asked to pray for my recovery. It can happen, and
    nothing is impossible with God. If we have Jesus Christ, then even if we are not healed in this life, then we have Heaven to
    look forward to. May the Lord deliver us all from evil.
  6. I have never spoken not published a single word to dispute that (highlighted in red) because it is true. I am even guilty of laying on hands, praying and allowing God to use me to heal another of cancer. That, however, does not erase the need for caution in this area. Here I may get into trouble but I can make this point no other way I know of. The world is full of Benny Hinn clones and they put on wonderful shows for the masses and they get filthy rich because of their talent, not their gift!

    God can erase or heal the 60= and likely 70 or more scars on my brain, if He wants to! You can do it, Benny can do it, none of us can! And there is just a mamoth problem to overcome. I communicate with the Holy Spirit all day long and I have already been enlightened to the truth that, like Job, I have been counted worthy! You will never build enough faith for me to believe you or anyone can over ride the decision of God, I am, to die of this and this is all to the glory of God.
  7. Are there "healers" that are more interested in earthly riches than in healing anyone?
    Sure. They already have received their reward, have they not?

    If the assignment you mentioned, is really from God, then of course you must do it.
    In time you know that you will be richly rewarded, of course.

    My assignment is to remind people that Christ is Lord, and He is very much alive and
    still heals people today just like He did 2000 years ago. All one needs is a small amount of faith
    and for the Lord to be in agreement with you. God can do what He wants to if we have that bit of faith.
  8. Jesus also said to disciple,, if you believe you will do greater things as i did now.
    what is the meaning for this?
    please don't offend
    no person can do the healing..
    Healing is from God
    but man is tool to heal in people needs
    i know this minimum knowledge..
    please don't offend or misunderstand,,.
  9. I do not mean to offend nor do I mean to pump myself up. There is much application to the scripture you quote. As for the healing, our subject here, Jesus' ministry was for about three and one half years and our should be much more than that, giving us the opportunity to pray for and to lay hands on many more, that God might work through us, we can heal no one.

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