Salvation Prayers

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  1. Greetings! :) I thought it would be a good thing if we could share short Salvation prayers with each other. Bringing someone to Christ is such an awesome experience!
  2. I don't believe in the repeat after me prayers. I tell them they are sinners who need God and He made a way for them by Jesus dying on the cross and then need to allow Jesus to be their Lord because without Him they are without hope and lost in their sin and then I allow them to make their own commitment to the Lord and pray theirselves to Him.
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  3. Out of curiosity, why do you not like "repeat after me" prayers? Some people don't quite know how to pray.
  4. I love the Lord's prayer. I consider it to be one of His gifts to us.

    Another prayer I learned is this:

    Precious Blood and Word of God, You are my eternal salvation. Lost in sin, You liberated me. You lifted me from perdition. Treasuring my feeble soul, You excused my constant frailties. Forever, I am indebted to You. Your cost can never be repaid, For You bought my freedom with Blood. I will always seek You out my Lord, You are my beloved Deliverer! You are the Lamb of God! Amen.
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  5. I think showing people the way through the Scriptures: pointing them to the Savior in great verses such as John 3:16 is really good. Then, I think they need to find their own words; they need to come from their own hearts; otherwise, how do we know that our words on behalf of someone else are really going to activate the Holy Spirit to bring about the new birth?

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  6. I think when one prays his own words, it can be a testiment to his growing closer to God. Nevertheless, just because a prayer isn't made up by you doesn't automatically make it less meaningful. Many of the prayers I say are very old and common ones. It's not out of repetition, but out of persistence.
  7. I enjoy reading written prayers by others. It is like poetry to me. I believe it builds your faith in some way.
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  8. Great posts, everyone! :)

    When sharing the Gospel to someone, I think it's important to distinguish between "sins" and original "sin" so that they understand how it is that we have been made righteous in Christ as believers. We need to explain that even after we're saved, we may still sin, but that now, we can come to the Father in Jesus' name and receive forgiveness.
  9. I think one of the absolute important things to do is to listen first. Hear what they know, what they've misunderstood, and what had no idea about. Some know a lot about the faith but just haven't arrived to it yet. Others know absolutely nothing about it. And some think they know everything about it but have a perverted interpretation of it. If we first listen, we can better evangelize, not make any assumptions which might insult their intelligence, and even establish a trust within the conversation, because let's face it, a lot of people would trust Christians last.
  10. Salvation Prayers as such are not in the Bible, so I do not think we should try to set anything down ourselves but rather encourage the person to express themselves and pray (speak to God) for themselves in their own words
  11. There is nothing wrong with repeating a prayer, even if its a salvation type prayer. But it is a very personal prayer as its a proposal to God. As long as we get on our knees alone before God later, there is not much wrong in a repeat prayer up front in church.

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