Salmon Steak

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  1. Salmon Steak

    Born just reminded me of the fish that I did the other night .... Salmon Steak with rice....... but it was a rice from the bulk food store . called" Sunset Blend" ( all kinds of good stuff blended into the rice )....himilayan red rice , carrot brown mustard seed , lemon garlic orzo and more .

    Anyways , I first seasoned the fish with salt , pepper, and curry powder. dusted with flower and cooked in in olive oil till crisp.

    I removed the fish .

    I then cooked red peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms in the same pan where I cooked the fish .

    Seasoned it with salt and pepper and dill seed .

    After that added fresh tomatoes and let it cook down.

    At the end added balsamic vinegar .... not too much and worstershire sauce.

    Put the fish back in , put on the lid and let it all simmer together for maybe 15 mins.

    Then put in over the rice .
  2. That sounds awesome!
    I like spicy food so I bet this is really a tasty dish.
    Thanks sis!!!

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