Salem Ma. Witch City

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  1. I go to a church that is located in a town that spiritual warfare is more real than most people are use to see. I have seen witches enter our church and cast out spells. They go around the city and pray to their demons for the city. I know that greater is He that is with us that the one against us; but am trying to get a way to reach people for Christ in this demon infested city.
  2. I'm not sticking up for witches here, but do you have proof they are going to churches and casting spells while you are there? I have no doubt spiritual warfare is going on but I find that very hard to believe.
  3. Wow that's interesting..can you post more info to give us a better Idea of what you are speaking of?
  4. my only proof is that i Have seen it and live it; but thats my testimony and if you choose not to believe I cant force you too.
  5. Aint there a new TV show coming out about witches in salem?
  6. I believe so.
  7. I wonder if its relates somehow?
  8. When I did a search for it the show is all that came up
  9. Odd way to promote a tv program ...but maybe that's what is going on here?
  10. If you want to see what they do type Salem Witches in youtube and you will see a whole documentary on it.
  11. Yes, Salem Mass. is full of heathen idiots.
    Heathen idiots do what they do
    It's actually very sad, that people can be so deluded. Pray for them , for they most certainly need it.
  12. I have information about spiritual warfare on my website:
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  13. Pray, and pray again....
  14. May the Lord Bless you. Thank you for the information is very useful. I saddens me that a lot of Christians don't believe in this and that is the reason why so many Christian fall do to ignorance from the spiritual world. I believe the devil wants Christians to be skeptical about the spiritual real that way he can come into peoples families and cause chaos. Thank you and God Bless You.

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