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    Just wondering if the church you attend or the ones in your area are named after saints, if so, which ones?
    Or it could be hospitals or schools or suburbs.
    Do you think its ok to name churches after saints, esp if they not in the Bible?
    I'm recalling the scripture about some people calling themselves after Paul, and some after Apollos. But we all meant to be after Jesus. There doesn't seem to be any 'St Jesus' churches. Why?

    In my area - churches-
    St Giles (not sure who he is)
    St Andrews ( many anglican and presy churches)
    St Michaels
    St Mary's (tend to be catholic)
    St Mark
    St Matthew

    St Lukes
    St John
    St Helier's (who is?)

    ambulance service
    St John

    St Helens (I don't recall a Helen in the Bible)

    St Patrick
    St Valentines

    generous people
    St Nicholas
    St Vincent

    baptists and brethren churches are mostly named after their area. Then there's all kinds of colourful church names like 'Fusion' 'Church unlimited' 'youthlink' 'faith factory' 'Potter's House' etc.
  2. oh forgot schools.
    These tend to be catholic.

    St Dominic (who is?)
    St Marys
    St Paul
    St Joseph
  3. Here in East London we have also many things named beginning with a St. So many though, schools, churches, hospitals, streets.
    The church we attend carries the name of the suburb where it's located.
  4. There is pretty huge Catholic church near my house. Name is St. Mary's. There is one hospital also. St. Clare's. I don't think it is biblically wrong to give churches names after saints. Me and wife started studying 1 Corinthians. We started with that 1st Chapter where Paul states the verse you quoted. I think he was not just talking about people giving themselves names. It is more about following man instead of Jesus. Interestingly, Paul includes "I follow Jesus Christ" in that list. Now one would wonder what is wrong in saying I follow Jesus Christ. Everyone one of them should state that right. Probably there were people who claimed to be superior to others because they considered their practices to align with Jesus's teachings with everyone else. Or they disregarded Apostles completely. We do not know.
  5. ok, just wondering. I thought the verse was relevant, as, lot of people seem to follow Mary more than Jesus. I would feel a bit strange to have a church named after myself.
    I would go, 'no, just call it Jesus' church' as its not mine. But I suppose it is to honor their memory. Interestingly, there is no St. Apollo church that I know of.
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  6. You mention that. When we moved to East London during mid 2014, I actually came down for a week some months before the move to look for a place to stay and school for the kids, etc.
    Most schools I knock door at were full - very surprising to say the least, and some guy told me about this school in a particular street, so I kind of drove there on his direction, but ended at the back of the school, luckily someone could buzz me in at the gate, so after pluttering around the buildings I finally ended up at the office. So I went in a spoke to this elderly lady who advised she is not the regular, but standing in for the office lady and I actually needed to speak to her. She then went to fetch a piece of paper and pen to write down her number for me.
    I was waiting and as I turned around, there I found myself face to face with this massive statue of mother Mary, placed in a shrine like hollow within a wall, but I mean massive, this statue towered above me.
    I actually caught a fright when I turned around and took first notice of this, complete with that jerk you get from being startled.
    After I told my wife about this she politely advised that we will not short list this school - too imagey, and not surprising, that school was also chock and block.
  7. I like Mary but..I know she would want us to follow Jesus rather than her.
    I just find a bit strange there's no St Jesus church, or not many named after the old saints and faithful from the OT like Abraham, or Esther or Ruth.. or even the NT ones like Elizabeth.
    (although there is a St David.)

    No big deal, but it just don't make much sense to me. I think some churches that get around this name themselves the All Saints church. Now that's a good name.
    in the book of Revelation they just called the different churches 'the church in...(name of town/location).'

    Although I'm kinda wondering who the Nicolatians were, that Jesus really hated.
  8. This also interested me once. I recall researching this once - but honestly do not remember, I'll check my bible notes I have with me - some still in boxes in storage 1000 km away so may not have it.
  9. Any name in the NT seems good to me for naming churches,schools.....They remind us of Jesus.Except
    when they are denounced, as the lawyer(Zenas) was.
  10. There is no St Judas Iscariot church. Thank God.
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    Personally, I do not believe it is a good thing to name a church or a school or anything after some saint. It smacks of undue honour given to someone who may or may not even be an example of faith, and may not even be a Christian, despite his/her religious affiliation. If Jesus is the central person in our lives, then we need to find better names to illustrate who we follow.
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  12. There is a St Lukes shopping mall. In the suburb of .st Luke.
    I thought it would be more appropriate to name a hospital St Lukes as he was a physician.

    For a while I attended a church named .st Giles and had no idea who st Giles was.
    Nobody seemed to know!
  13. Another one, a school
    st Cuthberts (presy)

    Obviously, must be a saint not in bible as never heard of the name.
    The saint I hear most about who is not in the Bible is St Francis of assisi.
  14. I have always failed to see how including Baptist, Methodist, AME, Lutheran, or any denominational name is not the same thing.
    It is still seperation by a particular teacher/teaching and carnal.
    The only biblical examples we have of church names is based on city names, and at the time that was basically just the postal address.
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  15. What about churches in the country side?

    Baptist-- john the baptist
    Methodist - john wesley
    Anglican - king or queen of england
    Lutheran - Martin Luther
    Roman catholic - pope of vatican
    Dont know what AME is sorry.

    Only the baptists seem at least biblical, as they into the same baptism that john the baptist preached.
    Pentecostal churches another one. BUT. They dont seem linked to Pentecost truly as they dont even seem to celebrate the real day that Pentecost occured which is Shauvot.

    There are lots of non denoms out there, but just recently learned that some dont believe in the resurrection at all, just rapture, or even reincarnation (no bodily return of Jesus ).
  16. What has this to do with the topic?

    You'd best be careful about making generalizations concerning groups.
  17. Well, at least with saints names unbelievers can tell its christian.
    There are no muslim saints for example, or hindu saints, or atheist saints.
    There might be sinners churches though.

    Some more colourful church names ..equippers, destiny, life, hillsong, city impact, c3, elim,

    Even a non denominational church has a name..theres no no-name church.
  18. With the location im wondering how God sees this..does he see people living in one city, or maybe just neighbourhoods and suburbs? Cos collectively, people arent all the same even in the same area, theres different communities.
  19. I think this is how God sees His people---geographically---if He so lights:

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  20. Hah! Awesome picture of the body of saints. I really like that....I think it is one accurate image. It spoke to me!
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