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Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Lanolin, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. I'd like to show you my garden...but I don't have any pictures yet.
    However, you all invited to read what I've been up to in my rambling garden diary blog.
    I started this garden recently after studying horticulture for a bit and NOW I sort of know how to do it.

    I'm wondering if you have a garden what kind of special features have you put in..? To make it your safe quiet place?
  2. hmm, no gardeners hanging round here. ph8th, please come back!
    Got no one to talk to.
    My garden style is definitely english country plonked in suburbs attempting to be cottage.
  3. Well, I stay in a flat, so no garden, I did get us a pot plant, it lives outside, right in front of the flat door, a jasmine plant. I only like plants that really smell nice.
    I can tell you this, I do long for a piece of ground, but what would I plant - things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and the like.
  4. Ooh jasmine! I have one by a fence, its doing well now. Just giving it some epsom salts and leaves are nice and green, hasnt flowered yet though.

    I think we all long for our own promised land. I dont have any of my own either, just live with my parents, but am looking after it. Mum opposes me though.

    I never realised how important land was before really started gardening...and that soil health is everything. It is def easier if your land is fertile, soil good, well drained, loamy, you have can grow anything.
    But you can make the desert bloom if you know how.
  5. Try some sweet smelling citrus trees, like lime would be good in a pot if you got a warm patio.
    I have carrots and spring onions in a tub filled with soil since our own soil in the yard is not very deep.
  6. Mmm, lime tree. Good idea, will see if I can get one. Our winters can get close to zero deg C. So that might be a problem, being coastal, we often have wind, sometimes really cold also, but I'll research.
  7. You in SA?
    I heard over there jacaranda trees are very popular. For their colour though not their smell.
  8. Yes I am.
    But Jacarandas are very scarce in the area where I live now, Eastern Cape. Jacarandas can be found in their thousands in Gauteng and North West provinces.
    Interesting however, at one point our newly elected(now 21 years old) democratic government declared war on any plant or tree that is not indigenous to our region. The Jacaranda is actually one of them, so that almost lead to civil war.
    Anyone who has driven through Pretoria during bloom season will tell you, the city of Pretoria cannot be the same without those trees. It is something to experience indeed.
  9. ?
    Thats funny today I just put some native ferns in my garden, cos I didnt have any.
    Auckland is known for its pohutakawa tree, a favourite cos it blossoms red at christmas time. Also known as nz christmas tree. Its a native.

    Im fond of chinese toons that turn pink in spring.
  10. Gosh some lime trees are expensive, saw ones in tubs going for over hundred bucks! Or they could have been limequats.

    A new hybrid.
    I was considering buying a lime tree but i notice they have thorns. Maybe just buy a lime fruit and plant the seed??

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