Sadly Oblivious

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  1. Sadly Oblivious

    People in the world don't realize they're dumbing themselves down. They remain like immature children with no idea how deep things go and how much more there is. Particularly the party crowd.

    It would scare them to know how much more intuitive some people around them are and that they are much more transparent than they know. That they are much more oblivious than they know. That they don't know life.
  2. Indeed this happens even inside the Church. What people seem to consider a deeply spiritual person is but one who reads his bible and prays. For a Christian the supernatural should be the natural- selah.
  3. I know, coming from there - that what I now know to be reality, is similar, but beyond the most intense imaginations I could have that would be passed off as conspiracy and fairy tales. When you grasp that this is not reality and get an idea more of what reality is and will be for us, the shock and awe of it is unspeakable. you don't even wanna sleep anymore you don't wanna dream, you want more of this reality!
  4. We see more because we know understanding surpasses knowledge so we use it, but this is only relied on by faith.

    Faith works by love. They can't give love they don't have. Godless are loveless so faithless.

    The religious without the power of God - the guidance of the Holy Spirit, have faith but are misled. They take in chemicals (Love for empty thing of the world), not water (Love that is of God) and produce poisonous fruit! God will not take pleasure in this fruit He will burn it -understandably.

    Water is known as water and chemicals are recognized as such only by God's teachings on them and their affects. The Godless desensitize and take pleasure in poison, the poison is their pleasure instead of the fruit, which is bad, which is why they ignore it. The fruit is the product that is reality. They're taking pleasure in what is not real. The man-made poison opposed to the water God intended for us to take in. His word makes this obvious. Only by faith can you leave your boat and learn this. Only by love will you have faith.

    Love - be loved - find life.

    Love tells the truth. Only give the truth. Only accept the truth. All else can burn and die by the fire that is God, making you anew based on truth and love. Based on God's image, bringing you into - finally - reality, finally - to life, bit by bit as you let Him.
  5. Isn't that the truth! THIS then is reality, really, to be in the will of God. What we thought of as real people when we were in the party scene were only in the dark, as were we. Now I realize that the people who I thought of as "nicey, nicey" were really just more at peace with themselves.

    I was talking to a 23-yr. old college student at work today and she told me how much fun she had over the weekend. She was out with to guy friends of hers, one was 21 and the other 28. They decided to see what they'd feel like after drinking 5 shots. The 28 yr. old only usually drank beer, but decided he'd try it anyway. I guess the think about getting drunk is that you feel more confident with yourself, but then you don't realize it's really not the real you, you are just making a fool of yourself. I don't know why I ever considered it to be fun. Anyway, they were all too drunk to get in their cars and so they all walked to her apt. and went to bed. She told me about one of them talking in his sleep and the other one throwing up all over the bed. Now, what's so fun about that?

    I don't know how to talk to her about it, only to tell her my experiences and how I feel now, even though I struggle myself still sometimes. She thinks this is the hightlight of her life right now. I fear for her. She is so young and beautiful and such a nice person.

    Thanks for the thread, Mark.

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