Sabbath 5/6/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater FL Pastor John sermon “Dealing with Discouragement”

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  1. Sabbath 5/6/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater FL Pastor John sermon “Dealing with Discouragement” I Kings chaps 17, 18, 19

    Elijah is from Tishbite and he goes to King Ahab to speak the word from the Lord. The prophet Elijah just popped in on the scene with no family history listed. He just spoke what God said. There is no prophet that is spoken of more than Elijah. It is also Elijah that appeared with Moses on the mount of transformation with Jesus. When his time on earth came to an end, Elijah left this earth in a chariot of fire.

    In our scriptures in chapter 17, Elijah has conflicts with King Ahab. In chapter 18, Elijah destroys the prophets of Baal after God shoots fire down from Heaven. God’s fire burns up the sacrifice, the 12 stones of the altar and dries up the water in the trench around it. In chapter 19, Queen Jezebel puts out an order to kill Elijah. Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. He responded with fear to the leader that had just been defeated by God. Elijah ran to the mountains to retreat. Many of us have retreated, wanted to escape from our environment and issues. Elijah is now in a cave in the mountain. Verse 4-8: God sends an angel to feed Elijah food and water because he has a journey ahead of him.

    Elijah was being prepared for his future. God gave him rest, food and water. God treated Elijah for physical and emotional exhaustion. Jesus fixed people’s physical and emotional needs. He does it for us today. Jesus has compassion for other’s needs and we should have this same compassion too. Elijah told God that Queen Jezebel was out to kill him. In a small still voice, God said for him to go back. God said this after He showed Elijah His power in the rocks being broken up, the strong winds and the earthquakes. Still Elijah was discouraged and kept his focus on Jezebel trying to kill him instead of looking at God’s power. God helped Elijah change his mind when He told him that he was not alone. In verse 18 God said He had 7,000 people who had not worshipped the idol Baal. God gave Elijah a look at the big picture and a look that was beyond himself. Twice God asked the hiding Elijah, “what are you doing here?”

    ***Moving Beyond Discouragement****

    1) Do Activities/Tasks: God assigned tasks for Elijah to do. He was to anoint a couple of Kings and find a replacement prophet for his job. Eventually Elijah passed his mantle onto Elisha.

    2) See Beyond the Picture: We need to know that God is using us for His Big Plan. God doesn’t need us but He has chosen us to be used. We all have a small part in God’s Big Plan.

    Remember God is with us to encourage and uphold us. He will provide the way for us to go. God will help us recover from our discouragement.

  2. Wonderful Post! This is something that I struggle with. When it comes to the plan God has for me, I often wonder, am I doing the right thing? I am very early in on the Bible, but I realize there is a difference between biblical times, and today. God may not talk to us as he did with Noah and Abraham, but he reveals himself to us in other ways. I guess the key for me is to recognize what God has placed in my life, and find the best way to fulfill his purpose through that.
  3. According to john 10... we (believers) are all God's sheep And we know His voice, and He knows us all by name. So If you believe that the Scriptures are true, you can hear God speak to you. It's not an audible voice, but a small voice inside of you. It will sound like your voice, because God's Spirit (The Holy Spirit) speaks to our spirit, and our spirit relays the information to our minds. The way to know if it's God speaking is to verify what you have heard to what the Bible says. All you have to do is ask Him for wisdom, and according to James 1:5 He will give it to you, as long as you ask in faith (vs 6).

    To begin to know His voice, read and study the Word... getting to know what He has already said and then you will be able to understand and distinguish His voice from other thoughts.

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  4. Thank you for your insight Cturtle, I will do just that.
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