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Sabbath 12/26/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “Seven Keys to a Blessed Happy New Year”

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Miz KJV Only, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Sabbath12/26/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “Seven Keys to a Blessed Happy New Year” Luke 2:8-20.

    There are seven items to remember to have a blessed and happy new year:

    1. Psalm 32: 1 = Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven: Our sins are covered and we are to be forgiven by God.

    2. Psalm 40:1 = Blessed is he that the Lord delivers. In our times of trouble, the Lord will deliver us.

    3. Psalm 41:1 = Blessed is he who hope is in God. We are happy when we hope in God.

    4. Prov. 14:21 = Blessed and happy are the generous: He who is kind to the needy will be blessed. Being generous to others is good but we must remember that it is really God who is buying what we give.

    5. Prov. 16:20 = Blessed are those who trust in God: Happy are those who trust in God. We can rest assured that God WILL take care of you and me!

    6. Prov. 29:8 = Blessed are those who follow God’s word: Happy are they that keep the laws of God because things will turn out right for them.

    7. Rev. 22:7 = Blessed and happy are those who are waiting for the Lord’s return. We are happy as we anticipate the Lord’s return to take us home to Heaven. We need to be ready for Jesus when He comes back. Be mindful of His return and be ready.

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