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Sabbath 11/8/14 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Beach Minister Terri sermon “How Close Is Too Close?”

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Miz KJV Only, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Sabbath 11/8/14 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Beach Minister Terri sermon “How Close Is Too Close?” Deut. 7:9

    How close is too close? Many of the things we go through during the day, may give us separation anxiety. Being separate from family or friends can make someone anxious. This is what is called separation anxiety.
    When we thing about the goodness of God, we do not have to worry about being separated from God. No matter what it is we are going through, God is always right there. We should want to be sooooo…close to God that when He looks back behind him, He says to us, “Get your own horse!”

    We need to realize that God is at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we are asleep and when we are not asleep, God is there working on our behalf. He is working on things for us. Sometimes we go through stuff because Satan says we used to be his and so he messes with us because we left him behind.

    We need to hold onto God because God will be there when EVERYBODY else is gone! God will be there for us and He is the only that has the best interests for us! We must realize that God knows what He wants us to do. God will send us people to direct us to the path that He wants us to take. I used to attend another church denomination and God used Pastor Wray to lead me to where I am at now.

    God has everything planned out. He has a list of things for Him to do for people. Today He is going to do this for Nancy and tomorrow He is going to do this for Fred. God had a to-do-list and He is checking off items as he goes. We are NOT alone! God is with us and God has a plan for us. God is ALWAYS with us!
    How close is too close? We can never be too close to God! God is ALWAYS close to us!


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