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Sabbath 11/7/15 Daytona SDB church Pastor Wray sermon “When There is Something Wrong”

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Miz KJV Only, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Sabbath 11/7/15 Daytona SDB church Pastor Wray sermon “When There is Something Wrong” II Timothy 3:1-5

    Despite the protection built around us, the enemy can come in and destroy us when we are complacent and unaware.

    1. There is Something Wrong when you fail to remember the blessings of God.

      Psalms says to forget NOT all the benefits of the Lord. Praise God continually because of all He has given. Praise God for Life! Thank God for family, church and salvation. Don’t take God’s blessings for granted. Give thanks for everything that God gives us. We need to appreciate the sweetness of the blessings we now have without trying to get more.

    2. There is Something Wrong when you are serving God because of duty and not Love. Col 1:10 says work worthy of the Lord and be fruitful in good works. When you do something just for duty, you do the bare minimum. You do just enough to get by. An act of love is doing as much as needed and seeking to do more. Seeking to help more because you are serving God in love. When church folk miss church services, this shows that something is wrong. The lack of prayer also shows that something is wrong. We need to not have a busy life that ticks tocks and not be fruitful for helping others.

    3. There is Something Wrong when you start living without asking for God’s will in your life. ALWAYS ask God what He wants you to do. We should want more than ever to please God. We should want God’s direction, not our direction for our lives. We are to please God and not ourselves. It’s God’s will for our lives that should come first. We know who God is and He knows who we are, so ask His will for our lives. When God calls us, we need to respond with immediate action to God’s will and direction for our lives. Make Jesus FIRST in our lives and share the gospel. Don’t turn a deaf ear to the call of God. Make God FIRST in whatever He wants us to do.

    In all of our circumstances, turn it over to Jesus and let Him handle it! We are to be a Saved, Fanatical, Sold Out Christian! Surrender Fully to Jesus!


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