Russia gives nuclear fuel to Iran

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  1. I guess they are planning another war ?
  2. This was actually their agreement from the beginning. Russia has very close ties to Iran.
  3. I was reading about this. I do think (I may be wrong) that Israel will launch a pre-empted strike in the near future with or without the approval of the U.S..
  4. It is hard to say with so many variables. Our own intelligence agencies contradicted themselves last week saying Iran is not pushing forward on nukes because of cash problems.This is a 180 degree turn around from what they were saying up till then.
    Personally I doubt this because countries with militant governments will go ahead with such projects even if thier people starve.
    Meanwhile Israel has intelligence saying the opposite. I cannot see them sit idly by while a nation that has repeatedly said it will obliterate them with it's first nuke presses on. They are small enough of a country that one nuke could pratically eliminate them from the map. Truly a precarious situation.
  5. I roll my eyes in my head when I read that Russia says the fuel is for nothing but to run the plants~

  6. I part A)

    I see "prophecy" & "spin," as certain events are just a bit beyond what is expected from prophecy: And therefore I see prophetic "Type" + ( additional spin ) ---which is dangerous for potential for further spin ---to the effect, the antichrict, will be able to say, ohhh, the antichrist(s) of nostradamus, and the history listed here, have already been defeated, i.e., he will lie!!!!!!!!!!

    A) Prophecy fullfilled in "Type" --is not pefect fullfillment, but rather a "Shadow" of what is to come --or what the enemy intends to come ( and thus is partial fullfillment, and partialy not ) ---so we are not to mistake it with the actual final event!!!!!!!!

    b) Also, the fullfillment in "Type" is also dangerous, because the "Enemy" is free to "Spin" what actualy happened, if we do not stand, or are no longer capable to stand in the truth ---to pre-emptively answer to his spin tactics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The actual "Danger" lies in the "Spin" which the antichrist will create ---To shift "Blame and Events" of "Prophecy" away from him --and upon these other historical characters I will mention ----just because some of them have indeed been partial fullfilments of prophecy ---unless Gorbachev does seize power ---because in "Type" he is the most dangerous candidate ever to be on the world stage, as far as percentage of prophetic elemnets comming together around him:

    The entire world works against Us, thru stupidity, at the very least ( if one is so inclined not to see satan at work in the minds of world leaders. I on the other hand, do see satan's working thru world leaders of this lost world ):

    1) President Jimmy Carter, when the Shah was in power, gave Iran It's first Nuclear Reactors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) President Ronald Wilson Reagan, promised to unfreeze the Billions of dollars of Frozen Iranian assets if elected.

    3) One of the first things President Reagan did, was release the Frozen assets --and they released the hostages.

    4) So how does that play to our standard policy of "never negotiating with terrorists."?????????

    5) President Reagan, next, gave Iran it's newer generation of "light fuel" Nuclear reactors ---the ones were all worried about!!!!!

    6) In about 1859, the direct ancestor of President H. W. Bush, and G. W. Bush ---wrote the Major book on "Re-establishment" for the state of Israel.

    7) The U.S. foreign policy, of the citizens of this country, from day one was the re-establishment of Israel,

    8) Which is Why President Woodrow Wilson, would not decalre war on Turkey in WW I, because they were afraid U.S. misionaries in the mid east, would all be slaughtered.

    9) Which is why The U.S. was not directly involved in the remapping of the middle east, after WW I,

    10) And an interesting note, was British General Alenby's multinational force, which had to take "Meggido," so that the allies would, and did win, Jerusalem!!!!!!!

    11) Hitler conqured for exactly 3.5 years in peace ( annexing lands unapposed ) + 3.5 years till 1943, ( when U.S. completed the 4 head presence of the allies in European and North African theartre of operations ??? ) ( Allies = till end of war=the he-goat Daniel 8: which also =the leopard Daniel 7: ), ( while Hitler, the Ram Daniel 8: = the Bear with 3 ribs Daniel 7: ) ( the three ribs = the third reich ??? ) { the 3.5 + 3.5 years + 3 years of NAZI prophecy was unexpected by Me ---as it mixes types, and could represent the spirit???? of the antichrist "type," as well as be the 2nd beast of Daniel 7: in final and or type countdown ????? --but the mixed facts, allows for spin, and yet does not negate the "beast" aspect of the NAZI's }

    12) So when the antichrist, as the ultimate spin doctor, hits the world stage ---there is lots of history for him to manipulate.

    13) And after the he-goat =Allies in WW II, split into 4 heads, and one head "Gorbachev" came from the 4, so

    14) Gorbachev, elected by 10 kings =politburo, was 8th Premiere of the Soviet Union, of the 7, and who "was, and is not," ---but who never gave up on communism, just wanted to reform it, ( and therefore could "Be," again )

    15) because He still wants a "One world Government, One World Economy, and a One World Religion."

    16) So when the antichrist arrives ---if he defeats Gorbachev, after Hitler obviously was defeated also, and the church can not oppose what he would say, he can say anything about history he likes?????????????????
  7. I part B)

    The above has to be looked into, in more depth, because of the complex nature of how the 2nd beast of Daniel 7: ------the bear with 3 ribs in it's mouth as the NAZI's, because the world has allways tried to give us it's B.S., for example naming Russia the big bear, and germany with cat's such as leopard, or tiger ----because of identies the world assigns!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then all these so called prophecy experts, and their left behind books, and such ---tell us we have to name the beasts, as the world does ----without even stopping to think, that satan names the worlds nations whatever he wants, to "spin" and confuse prophecy.

    Because if the NAZI's were the bear with 3 ribs ( the 3rd reich ), then why cant Russia, still be the future expected Gog of the Land of Magog, etc.., ---and why if so designated or not ---do they get to "Hog" all the beast designations, the world assigns them????????

    I thought I was supposed to listen to God, and not what the world thinks is "Convienient" to name it's assesment of beasts??????????

    And I would think it would be obvious, that such assignments of nations=beast names, of the 'Wrong' beasts, would be an advantage to the enemy?????????

    I am tired, of arguing with stupidity ---when it so states, that these rock-star-status so called scholars and experts in Christianity are going to tell me anything ---because I see nothing but a very poor track record on their part ---and I do My own investigations ----and do not, nor will I ever care, what Tim Lahaye, or others like him, have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know My Bible tells Me to believe in Christ, but where does it say I have to believe in Tim Lahaye, or anyone else I do not want to believe in????????????
  8. Just some thoughts:

    Why could the church not oppose him?

    I have enjoyed reading your views on this subject Mike thanks.
  9. When it comes to prophecy we are all in for some surprises. If we lighten up just a notch we can read someone elses book and glean from them even if we don't agree with everything. I remember reading the Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. Now as it turns out almost everything he wrote turned out differently than expected but it did one thing for this then young teenage boy; it imparted the doctrine of expectancy that has fueled the fire in the Church since the day it was birthed. Your friend and brother in Christ Larry.
  10. Was just reading this today .

  11. II part A)

    Good questions each. I was very tired when I wrote it around 5:00 am, but:

    I had meant in relation to the antichrist seizing power, if it did come from someone like Gorbachev would be virtualy unopposed at first

    1) ( as the example of Hitler was, From March 1936 to September 1939 Hitler conqured all He desired in "Peace." With WWII as a "Type" for the tribulation it ran for 3.5 years in peace, and then 3.5 years from September 1939 to March 1943 in "world War": Then in defiance of that particullar interpretation of the 7 year tribulation - God allowed details to be different than expected prophecy, to let those who are not fooled by these physical "beasts" in prophetic fullfillment, meaning more than they were -since The NAZI's were the 2nd beast of Daniel 7: ---in a final round of beast in "Type" thru 1900!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- So from March 1943 to < March 1945-March-1946 with the Nuremburg trials complete/and the Swiss banking scandal beginning -where the NAZI's deposited gold stollen from 11 nations with them ----and because of no "Account proof," the Jews began to learn 1st that the swiss said "What Money????"> ) it would apear that those 3 years, when the U.S.A., completed the 4 heads of the leopard, which split after WWII -into the cold war divisions of power?????

    So if the great apostacy, or falling away, slowly began with a complete anti-physical gnostic take-over from "within" the Body of Christ ----until enough of us surrender to it, then the "Alternate" explaination that "Hitler" was the antichrist, could begun to be "Spun" first ----to warn everyone, they need to abandon the physical, or die in Hell, for not accepting their pseudo-truths that all physical "flesh" needs to be abandoned????? I do not understand it myself???????? As "New-Age" thinking does not own Me!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) 2 Thessalonians 2:1-9 "Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the comming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together to him, that you may not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one in any way decieve you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God. Do you not remember that while I was still with you, I was telling you these things? And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he may be revealed. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders,..."

    So we see that "The apostasy" ----( or falling away ), must come first ----so as I meant, if most of the Body of Christ has fallen away into apostasy----Individual Beasts such as Hitler and Gorbachev can come into power virtualy unaposed; but not by the entire Body of Christ. ----The ones who would oppose him, will be persecuted and killed, etc.., and he will be opposed < by the rest of the details in Revelation, etc.., >

    Now I have allways help to a "Futurist" interpretation of "revelation," in which a physical linear progression, of most of Revelation will occur, leading up to "The Great Tribulation," and being details of "The Great Tribulation" itself!!!!!!!!!! And I still hold to that view!!!!!!!!!!! However, as I have seen the details, of a secretly gnostic world, being what is behind "A MASK" of lies, that the world puts forth to pretend it is not what it truly is ----Because even the N.T. word for "Hypocrite" ---in the original Greek word, so chosen for it's N.T. meaning ---but before N.T. usage ---"Hypocrite," means those who wear "The Mask" used in Greek Theartre. However, "Our Bodies" are "our temples," of the Lord ----and until a physical temple is built, on the temple mount, etc.., in the meantime, do many in the Body Of Christ, accept the "sweeping of their house" /temple ---and accept the anti-physical gnostic "swines flesh" being offered within their hearts???? thus causing God to have to destroy, in judgment, the person, who destroys their own temple ---and thus as had happened to Nebuchadnezzar, where God/the Holy Spirit ---had to rip Him apart, by felling "His heart" like a tree ----so he went mad, ---and then preserve the felled stump, with a band of bronze and iron both around it, to preserve it, for his eventual return/restoration????? Could this not happen to believers as well????? if taken by the apostacy, and thus they destroy their own temples????? And in using the Complex Physics God created ----God could use alternate spatial realities to come together thru Quantum Mechanics ability to create parallel realities ---in which a believer's heart, of those who fall away, ---as the Home of the Holy Spirit ---becomes split ----so that it becomes the Felled stump --and the inner man of the heart is cast down, as the example of the cast down Jerusalem, who's foundations sink into the earth, and who's gates become smashed --and the person is cast into the stomache/solar plexus ----of all the New Age Teachings within the backslidden members of the Body of Christ, who teach that the stomache is the "seat of the soul," whereas I remember God, breathing life into man's respritory system ---which goes as far as the lungs???? Mind/Heart/Lungs --as seat of mind/heart/soul??????? So why does so many teach the stomache as the seat of the soul, as that is the case for the world system ---in which the pregnant upside down man of the full moon ---who projects the new birth from his solar plexus, is the witchcraft of the world!!!!! I do not know how we are supposed to "define" the seat of the soul, is here or there, as I do not divide My body parts up???????????

    3) So if the Body of Christ ----falls away to the point of the great "apostacy," then there won't be much of a sound church to oppose the antichrist at first. But he has already been declared to have lost ---and God has indeed provided for those who will oppose him ----but that opposition, does not seem to include ---the opposition to his apearance ---as our apostacy causes it in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. II part B)

    4)I Myself have no time for nostradamus, who is nothing more than a false prophet to Me: But as far as lying signs and wonders; Those of the gnostic male/vrs/female war of the sexes ---because true gnosticism does not worship the goddess /but is the conflict between the goddess and gods -as "the bee of Assyria, and the Fly of Egypt." ----and in love and hatred both for the goddesses rule, the world had nostradamus, who gave 10 centuries of complex, and vauge, prophecies ---in many cases, in which the world's conspiricies ---made events occur so as to "fullfill" many of them ---and thus fool people. But nostradamus had hidden internal gnostic system divination --as to what he opposed by the goddess trying to rule all from within that system/and his prophecies both ---which is why so many also love nostradamus -where they see his oposition to goddess domination --while goddess followers love him -because they use his prophecies, in their conspiricies -to scare people into the goddesses hands!!!!!!!!!!!!But why anyone thinks nostradamus was any good at all amazes Me, because nostradamus was a false prophet!!!!!!!!!!! But the point of nostradamus, sholud have been answered, because he adds to and takes away from revelation, with new prophecy, not from God ---which would also be impossible, because it is a sealed/completed book ( which is seperate issue from a book being sealed in it's meaning )---But nostradamus condemed himslef "twice," because he also explains his flase-god form of divination, in which he wrote "first the seer dips his wand, and takes some water, and sprinkles it on the hem of his garment, and then his foot ---and then the god appears," ( or something to that effect )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what most people keep hidden ---is that they try and make nostradamus be their Biblical source, on three antichrists, where the Bible teaches about the many antichrists, and the one final one, but where do they get three????? except from nostradamus: So with their hidden beliefs, including what is known ---and how they try and make noostradamus the new Revelation ---he taught the end will not be until ( but as taken, as the beginning of the end ), he taught history until 3797 -after which he simply gives no date beyond that ---or so they say: but when taken as from the beginning of the Egyptian captivity in 1876 B.C. + 3797= 1921 A.D. --or the time of the arrival of Hitler on the world stage. And so, we can go round and round ---but should not under estimate their hidden "Spin" or the great apostacy, or falling away???????? The Church has to abandon much of it's "saltiness" for these things to occur ---and they have been occuring, for quite some time!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Below is all temp stuff:

    I have to run now, and will finnish another time, so please wait --and allow Me to complete My additional answer.

    I am answering the "worlds spin," and actual "prophetic events" both ---and the great "apostacy," or "falling away," of the Church -and sound doctrine,

    not that this means all believers will fall away ---but those who do not, will be persecuted, and opposed.

    And it is obvious I am not propmoting nostradamus, etc.., but explaining, what is going on in the world --as we do not live in "hypotheticals" but in what the world believes, is the reality which we deal with,

    and to which we are to bring the truth instead, or what God teaches!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the world is the pseudo-reality, which we need to understand, to the extent we can answer it back!!!!!!!

    God Bless.
  13. II part C)

    I still want to work out just how to say all of this, but:

    I claerly see in Hitler, and the NAZI's the fullfillment of prophecies, as there was a 4 beast fullfillment of Daniel thru the 1900's ---as I see as a "Quickening" towards the actual end time Great Tribulation ---and as such they show us, it is comming ---as I saw the dominion of the beasts, having been taken away, but an extention of life given to them for the apointed time ---and then such a clear fullfillment thru A) Mind of "Man" being given to mankind in the 1st beast ---pride of man, B) Hitler, and NAZI's 2nd beast, C) WWII Allies -being split into 4 heads of cold war 3rd beast, and D) Gorbachev ---of the 4 head split, who was elected by the 10 kings with no authority of hteir own --the politburo ( which would not have had 10 votes ---except fot the fact that the Premiere of the Soviet Union, resigned in discrace, and scandal, and had to go back to the politburo --which then grew to 11 members for the first time in it's history ---so there could be 10 to vote for Gorbachev ---because if it did not happen that way, 9 would have had to vote for him as the 10th ), and that made him the 8th leader, of the 7, and He wanted to reform comunism ---but still wants it to take over the world, and so he "was and is not, and is about to come up...," and "the beast which was and is not, is himself also an eight..." etc.., which shows in "Type" how he can be the man who "Fronts" for these satanic powers ---as the mixed message talks of the power and source of these beasts ----but men will be their mask, and front for them???????????? or not, in which case, all this "Typing," for Gorbachev ---just shows how the 1900's 4 beast "Types," as so close to what the Great Tribulation "Quickenings" are like ---until the Great Tribulation itself!!!!!!!! And Gorbachev went "Green," ---and "is not," ---but if Global Warming suddenly creates Climate disastors, which can only be fixed on a global scale, if we all go "Communist," ---then He can return, and persecute and destroy anyone who will not accept his "One world Government, One World Economy, and One World Religion," etc..,

    So I am concerned that Gorbachev, or someone like him can come along as the antichrist, to save us from the eefects of Global Warming, and set up their "One world, government, economy, and religion," and say of Hitler "Ohhhhh, that guy, didn't we beat him already, because he was the antichrist you know....and I am the Christ, here to set up the soon as I solve global warming and all..."

    ---And you can the danger, because of 1) The beast of one-worldism ( could be gorbachev, come to fix global warming, but becomes wounded along with it ), 2) a resurected demon possessed pope as false prophet, and 3) an antichrist come to fix it all, and then say "Yea I'm here for the millenium, as Hitler was the antichrist with 3.5 years + 3.5 years of rule +3 so the 4 heads, and 8th beast ---all as the one-power in extension of life could occur, but now that it's finished, I healed Gorbachev, and the worlds mortal wound ---and am here to bring Icecream and Goodies, to all the good little Children, just as soon as I offer swines flesh ( to signify their defeat ) in the newly rebuilt temple...) etc..,

    So it does matter that we are now experiencing "Information Overload," ---as we have to carefully sort out this information overload, amongst the fullfilment of Biblical "Types," in prophecy, to show "Quickenings" towrds the Great Tribulation, etc.., etc.., etc..,

    So I will work on this mess, of information overload, some more and sort it all out ---but why should it be, I alone who sorts it all out???????? Of cource it should not, so I speculate out loud ---on the things we need to look at, so we can all contribute,

    And besides, i am Bi-Polar, and Have Chronic Fatigue problems, and only have but so much energy, and concentration to work this all out ---and so I speculate for now, out loud ----so we can all work on these questions, together??????????????
  14. read your first bit,maybe you should do part 1 2,3 etc and give us time to read and post.i do agree when you have a hitler etc then there own countries opposers are squashed.the end will be similar but in a spirit wat on all earth.

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