Runners over 50?

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  1. I just wanted to connect with all the runners around my age. I'd like to hear your stories, like how long have you been running, what got you into it, and the things you have learned from running. I'd also like to hear of races/runs you favor.
  2. I wasn't a runner over 25! :D
  3. Does that mean you were a runner once, then quit? If so, why?
  4. I left the military. Never really enjoyed it.
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  5. No, this is not me... but it is a great photo with humour! funny074_zpsffe0d5a5.jpg
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  6. Haha! That is a good photo! I love reading people's shirts during a race. Some of them really make me laugh.
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  7. I'm a swimmer by nature but a runner from evil LOL
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  8. Clever!
  9. I got puffed out just reading the OP:(
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  10. I am a runner over 50, been running off and on for 40 years. I can still go the distance, just not as fast as in my younger days but I enjoy running. I belong to a running club of great people who encourage each other. I live in a beautiful area so most runs are quite scenic, the beauty of the earth glorifies God. I am thankful for the beautiful creation that he has given us.
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  11. Nice to meet you, and glad to hear you run in nature's beauty. Yes, God's's more fun to be out in it, to me, than to be inside on a treadmill. I have been a runner for 4 years now, and am still astounded at how the body adapts and becomes stronger because of it, even after 50! I never knew! Do you sign up for races? I've worked up to half marathons, which are my favorite. I don't want to put in the time I would need to prepare for a full marathon. I'm not fast, running 9 1/2 minute miles on average, but I enjoy running. Not so much the training, but the after-soreness, and all the daily perks, like not running out of breath anymore, and being able to sing better, longer notes, in church!
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  12. I sign up for 8-10 races a year, mostly local club races, 5k to a half marathon. I do one race in the big city every year that is put on by a church, "Run for the homeless 10k". They raise thousands of dollars every year for the homeless, I'm wearing one of their shirts now.
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