Runners Or Swimmers?

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  1. I'm not sure we've talked much about this -- it's not really an important subject in comparison, but is anyone here a devoted runner or swimmer in this forum?
  2. I could probably swim across most lakes, and run a marathon at any time, but I am neither a runner or swimmer.
  3. I'm a surfer so my swimming skills are fairly strong. I've passed lifeguard tryouts.

    As for running, I've always and still do hate it with a passion. And just last week I spoke with a friend whom is an avid runner and I asked him to take me on as a student.
  4. Yes.....I run from trouble every chance I get!
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  5. That's pretty cool -- I used to be a competitive swimmer and used to race Michael Phelps (though no one could ever beat that guy). But I was also a lifeguard for about 5 years. Who are you trained under?

    And yes, I understand. I used to despise running. You get used to the fluidity of water, running seems too hard on the joints. Though now I admit I'm kind of addicted to running.
  6. This is one of my favorite strokes

  7. Wow that sounds sweet. I was pretty good as a kid at both but nothing professional. I latched onto tennis. Very good at serving. Beat a friend who took it up full time. My parents wanted me to go higher, but all those hours of practice needed just to hit a ball over a net...yawn. Video games >. I am pretty pro at video games :whistle:.
  8. I prefer swimming but I can enjoy both.
  9. Brevard County Ocean Rescue. Next summer I'm trying out for Volusia County Lifeguard Corps.
  10. Is it Ellis & Associates, Red Cross, or something else?
  11. Brevard County was 2007 and I don't recall. I never took the position due to my thyroid cancer incident. I'm not sure about the Lifeguard Corps either. I thought those were both the names of the agencies.
  12. I swam competition for 18 yrs . AAU, high school, Creek side swim club. Also i got certified in Life saving from red Cross. had a scholarship for swimming from Chico state, but NOOOOooooooo. I wanted to sling fries with my friends mmm hhmmm. And here I am mmmm hhmmm. Just a humble little chili helpin spread the word of God. mmmm hhmmm I recon.
  13. That's great -- what were your best strokes and time for each?
  14. Well my best stroke is the breast stroke. 100 yds I think was 1.10 min. Free style was 24 sec @ 50 yds. Butterfly was 27 sec @ 50 yds. Back stroke was my weak stroke @ 32 sec@ 50 yds
  15. That's excellent! My best was butterfly. I think my best time was 27.45 seconds at 50 yds. The time I finally broke a 30 felt like a milestone.

    Backstroke is also my weakest stroke. I'm kind of a zig-zagger.

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