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  1. Saw this today, and I think it's a good demonstration of what happens when we get caught up in "the rules" and lose sight of what we're supposed to be trying to do.

    Atheist group saves Chickasha woman from Christmas nightmare

    So she goes online and describes her ordeal at the church, and an atheist group steps in and provides them with toys, food, money, and gift cards.

    Here's a case where the workers at the church lost sight of what they were supposed to be about, and instead over-focused on rules. As a result, an atheist group steps in, gets some positive press for themselves, and likely change this woman's perception of Christians and atheists forever.

    This is exactly the lesson Christ tried to teach to the Pharisees in Matthew 12:1-37. We should learn from this.
  2. I agree.
    I've been railing against legalism for years. For whatever reason,
    folks seem to get SO CAUGHT UP in mindless rules.
    One of the diseases of the modern mind - the thoughtless obedience to rules.
  3. Yes, and in this case we may have lost someone forever.
  4. Well, judging by some of the comments, there may be more to the story. While the point still stands on its own merit, let's be careful of demonizing the church based on the testimony of someone we don't know, reported in media which has an interest in making a story sensational.
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  5. 'We' cannot lose someone forever. Nobody's salvation is on 'our' head.
  6. Rumely, good point.

    KingJ, ok....we may have permanently prejudiced someone against the faith.
  7. I have a feeling this will be one of those stories where we find out later what really happened ..

    The article does indicate that the church claims to have attempted contact with the woman several times after the initial contact.
  8. for all we know, this woman could have been an atheist to begin with .. she said she went there the prior year and they gave her toys .. what I find interesting, is HOW the atheist knew ??? .. my guess is she told her fellow atheists about it ..
  9. Wow....bitter much?

    I don't care what her beliefs were. She's a poor woman with a child who went to a church charity and was treated horribly. What else matters?
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  10. not one thing about NOT passing judgement until all is known is bitter ..
    what IS bitter is you ALWAYS make judgements against the church BEFORE you have all the facts .. and only the alleged facts that are given NOT by the church ..

    why so BITTER JUDGEMENT by you ???

    Jhn 7:24 "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."
  11. The problem with your side is, the church says it has apologized for its actions. What exactly do you think they were apologizing for?
  12. perhaps they were trying to be peacemakers ..
    I have apologized when it wasn't me that was wrong ..
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    In Chickasha, Oklahoma, Tiffany Wait and her husband brought their 7-month-old baby to the Bible Baptist Church’s toy shop for Christmas presents that the church gives away for families in need.

    Wait said her baby doesn’t like strangers and she’d prefer to be with him. She said the volunteer said it has to be done this way, or the family wouldn’t be able to participate.


    so why did they both need/insist to go in ???
    and they chose to not get toys if one parent must stay with the kid ???
  14. Well, if that's what you're counting on, that says a lot.

    Don't know. Why would the church workers try and forcibly take the baby away from its mother?
  15. I don't know River ..
    maybe the church did something wrong ..
    maybe Mr & Mrs Wait were antagonistic ..
    what I don't get is since both parents were there, why one didn't watch the kid ???

    since Jesus says we will be judged like we judge ..
    I always try not to snap to any conclusions ..
  16. Good question, but it still doesn't excuse the reported behavior of the church workers. And the end result has been positive press for an atheist organization.

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