Rule 7.1 - ALL Members, Please Review

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  1. I have noticed that members are not reading this rule, 7.1.

    Please review 7.1 below.

    Rule 7.1.
    If any member wishes to place a link in this forum to any site that requests financial
    donations or sells any type of products, they must first obtain permission from our Administrator via PM. Please include the off-site link in your PM request as well as a list of products or services that are offered through that site. This permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

    If permission is granted they must also post the following warning notice together with the link.


    The link in this post goes to a website which sells goods or services or solicits donations. Members are advised to be wary of ANY such donation requests or sales and to research the group making the request or sales and to PRAY before sending ANY donation or before purchasing any goods or services.

    Full rules here
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