Rosemary and Thyme Potatoes

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  1. Rosemary and Thyme Potatoes

    A delicious snack. Reminiscent of cypress pine forests and Tuscany (I have no idea why!).

    What you will need:

    1 regular brown potato
    Olive oil
    Aluminum foil
    Dry thyme
    Dry rosemary

    1. Take potato, slice into large, quarter inch rounds. Do not peel skins!
    2. Unwrap tin foil, place potatoes onto foil.
    3. Drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil. Flip potato slices and rub in the juices to ensure that it absorbs all of the oil to keep them tender and moist.
    4. Take a large pan or skillet, turn on medium high heat.
    5. Salt potatoes, add a few sprinkles of pepper. A touch of thyme.
    6. Place onto your skillet/pan and cook. Flip occasionally to prevent sticking/burning.
    7. Add only three to five leaves of rosemary to the potatoes for a light, pine-like taste.
    8. Add as much butter as desired, but never too much.
    9. Cook until potatoes begin to turn a nice golden brown and the oil has been absorbed by the flesh.
    10. Take off stove and enjoy!

  2. One word Sister...."yummmm".

    Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Cheri
  3. Glad you like it! :)

  4. Hey you!! that is sooooo simple to make a Chili can doit!:D

    That does sound good bout now. And i got all the fixins in my garden growin and it is the beginning of harvest season:D:):israel:

    Chili out.
  5. Yeah, it is very simple and quick! Nice snack to sit outside and eat. :D Keeps you full for a while too, all the starch...;)

  6. Sounds delicious and perfect for a diabetic.
  7. Ha ha, thanks! My grandmother really likes it, since she's a vegetarian and loves good potatoes!

    Are you diabetic or know someone with diabetes? Just curious, since you made mention to it. It would be really nice to hear that it is diabetic-friendly!

  8. I am diabetic and take insulin twice a day. This recipe is diabetic friendly
  9. I am takin this camping to Yosemite, perfect for around the campfire. YUP YUP YUP :)

    Chili ooooooooouuuuuuuuut. can ya hear the wolves??

    I know you guys are practicing "THE HOWL" AAAAAhahahahahhahahaha!!!! I can hear it now. :)

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