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  1. Romans

    You will not penetrate the secret of romans 8 by studying the chapter on its own.The way to romans 8 is through romans 1-7 and the impact of romans 8 upon you will reflect what it has cost you to come to terms with what those chapters say.Only if you have realized yourself as a lost and helpless sinner and with Abraham to trust the divine promise that seems to be to good to be true in your case the promise of acceptance becuase of Jesus your covenant Head died and rose only if as a new creature in Christ you have commited yourself to total holiness and then found that the flesh is at war with the spirit so that you live in contradiction never fully achieving the good you purposed nor avoiding all the evil yopu renounced only if on top of this losses amnd crosses are upon youstrain , dissapointmet,unfair treatment only then will romans 8 yeild up its full riches and make its great power known.Salvation is truly free rejoice believers but discipleship does cost wich king going to war does not firsrt take into account if he is going into a battle against 20000 when he has an army of 10000.One true believer can put 1000 to flight how many can a troop then.Let us stand together in His mighty name.For His Glory alone He alone is worthy.I know some of my posts seem hard im speaking to myselfg first and foremost only the truth can set us free.Truly free in CVhrist Jesus alone.Thats my hearts cry for myself and every believer.I love you all dearly God bless.
  2. God didnt call us to live in Romans 7 but in Romans 8 and that life is only found in Christ Jesus His Dearly Beloved Son.Truly Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ the Son of the living God.
  3. Only by gracae and with God there is abundance of grace in Christ Jesus Romans 5:17

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