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  1. Romans Road

    I've been told of some scriptures that are great witnessing tools. It was called the Romans road. I have the scripture or the scripture that I was given but.. Just exactly how do you witness using the Romans Road. I wrote the next scripture upside down on the top of the page of my Bible so that the other person can read it but... I was wondering if someone could explain how to use these scriptures.
  2. As far as I understand, it goes that way:

    Romans 3:10 - the natural state of Man
    Romans 3:23 - the reason for it
    Romans 5:12 - the cause of it
    Romans 6:23 - the penalty from it
    Romans 5:8 - the love of God
    Romans 10:9-10 - the remedy
    Romans 10:13 - the decision

    When you speak to someone, you of course have to make is sound natural and logically flowing to bring them from the understanding of their condition to their point of decision.
  3. actually.. the "way of the master" method is better, imo.. :)
  4. I am sure there is more than one way to explain it STC. Would you care to expound on that?
  5. If there is any way that you feel is better please share and explain it.
  6. do you consider yourself a good person? (yes)

    have you ever lied? (yes)
    what does that make you? (a liar)
    have you ever stolen something? (yes)
    what does that make you? (a thief)
    have you ever looked with lust upon a woman? (yes)
    what does that make you? (an adulterer)

    if God judged you just on the standard of the 10 commandments, do you think you would go to heaven or hell? (hell)

    does that concern you?

    (something like that - )
  7. The book of Romans is indeed loaded with real treasure.:D
  8. romans is a theologian's dream come true.

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