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  1. Is anybody here familiar with Role Playing? If not, it's really just creating a character, placing a plot and theme, and writing a collaborative story. Anyone interested?
  2. I used to run an online site for collaborative role playing. I don't think we have anyone here who is into that.

    Rooster : Let's not get into that again.

    Donkey : I think I ate the dice.
  3. Oh, that's too bad. Thanks for letting me know :)
    What happened to your site?
  4. Hmmm...I would be interested in seeing some of these collaborative stories. I can imagine them as being either really awesome or really awful.:D

    Actually, didn't we have....yes.. we did have a thread that was sort of a collaborative effort at writing a story. Seems to me that NearerToGod and Whirlwind were two of the participants. That was a couple of years ago. Probably not quite the same thing as you have in mind, Christine, but interesting nevertheless. I'll have to see if I can find that old thread.
  5. How interesting [​IMG] I would like to see the old thread, but if you can't find it, thanks for trying anyway. I'm always looking for collaborative stories.
  6. It went away because I got tired of maintaining it and paying for it. Everyone was growing up and moving on and it just became a bit of a chat site in the end. We had some good stories in our day, but I shut it down last year.

    The collaborative story that Whirlwind/NTG started last year wasn't exactly the same type of RP that I'm used to. It was more of a narrative IIRC. They weren't playing roles, they were just alternating between them to write a book-style story. It was probably about 2 or 3 years ago since that's around the time Whirlwind left.
  7. Oh I see. That's too bad for your site and it was so recent! >.< Do you still RP or are you done with that too?
    IIRC, that I am not familiar with at all.
  8. I never did *seriously* RP. I used to play MtG and a few other card based games, but I lost interest in the whole scene many years ago. I used to think I would like to try D&D, but that was at a time when there were a lot of rumors about kids going into sewers and killing each other over it, and now I'm just not that interest. I used to be more into the collaborative stories, but that really started organically with a group of people I met on Gamefaqs social boards many years ago. We created our own site for it because GF doesn't like off-topic conversations and we wanted some more freedom. My site was pretty elaborate, we set up boards for towns and cities and allowed players to actually claim them if they were willing to moderate them. By the time I had it all set up, most of the interest waned though. I know some of the guys set up another site, but they never RP on that site so I'm not sure why they bothered.

    Even for this site, I created two alter-egos "Rooster" and "Donkey", but I think people might think I just have MPD or something. I never was sure how many people really "got it". I used to use an "angel" and "demon" conscience on other sites, but that just didn't feel appropriate on this site, so I have two Biblical animals to try to keep me straight.
  9. I play some MTG online when I can, it's a really interesting card game. My boyfriend bought me the beginners Tool Kit for my birthday last month, with about 250 cards. He bought one for himself so we could duel. I like it, it's a lot of fun. D&D is going to be my next try with a friend, who is actually a former Christian. ( A little off-topic; I am hoping to bring him back to God. I don't know if he will though...)

    I'm not sure what you mean by MPD. You say you have 2 Biblical animals, what are they?
  10. Rooster is based on the one that crowed after Peter denied Christ three times. Donkey is based on Balam's, who saved him from being struck down and then scolded him.
  11. Oh yes, I remember those now [​IMG]
  12. I used to roleplay a comic book character on MySpace. Did it for several years. Ahhh....memories. In fact, I met quite a few good Christian friends on there while RPing. One of whom led me to Christ.
  13. Really!? That's awesome!! ^.^ I used to be on MySpace but switched over to Facebook since everyone else did.
  14. LOL, yeah, EVERYONE's on Facebook. Hard to go a week without somebody sayin' "You on Facebook?" "Do you have a FB yet?" "When you gonna start a FB page?" LOLz, and then they say they're not obsessed. Huhuh, yeah.

    Do they RP on facebook?
  15. lol yeah I know what you mean. I'm thinking about going back to MySpace again though.
    I think there are RPs on Facebook, but I've not really looked into it very much.

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