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  1. Ro.14:1-2

    Brothers and sisters in Christ!
    How do you understand verse 2:

    1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.
    2 For one believeth that he may eat all things:
    another, who is weak, eateth herbs [vegetables].

    What do you think Paul meant? Who eats herbs or vegetables - he, whose faith is weak?
    But Daniel and his 3 friends decided to eat only vegetables, and their faith was not weak.

    What do you think?
  2. This is the way I understand it...

    Paul here is most likely speaking of the converted Jew as the weak one. The converted Jew, retaining a veneration for the law of Moses, abstained from certain meats, and was observant of certain days; while the converted Gentile, understanding that the Christian religion laid him under no obligations to such ceremonial points, had no regard to either.

    Today, we have people like the Seventh Day Adventist (and some other Sabbath keepers) who abstain from meats. They will eat veggies etc.... This is their choice. They obey a lot of the Old Covenant laws, like keeping the Sabbath etc.
  3. I see it as having to do with faith.
    Those which believe and have faith will not be fearful but those who are weak will be cautious because they lack faith.

    The scripture also says we are not to look down on people who have less faith than we do.
  4. I think the message is right on this scripture. I suggest you read the message on this scripture.
    The point is everyone can have a strong faith, but not everyone has a strong understanding of grace, the cross, thier own need for a savior.

    God wrote 10 laws, Levicital priest wrote hundreds more, only supporting the 10. Many people have a strong faith based upon rituals and traditions but are weak in living a Spirit led life. That's a natural result of the process of living a judgmental livitical life.

    Jesus looked right at the priest at the Sermon On the Mount, with his hand up he pointed right at them, now picture this: he then pointed to those poor, dirty people that had gathered on the other side of the hill. The priest would never stand with them. Picture the hand of Jesus then moving from the priest all the way around to those beggars. He then said: Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom of God. I can hear the priest swallow, can't you?

    We are all invited to the table, let us not judge what the other is eating. God is the agent of change, not man.
  5. Thank you for your posts!
    I see that our faith is more important than ceremonial fulfuling of the law.

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