River Game A to Z

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  1. Alphabetical of course:)
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  2. I will let you start it.
    Sounds fun.
    Hmmm Gospel Boots
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  3. How about a thread of PLACES with really dumb names?

    I live near a lovely little town called SANDWICH. I think it had something to do with the Earl of Sandwich, who, indeed, invented the SANDWICH!!! I regularly take my foreign students there, to get 'selfies' by the town sign:rolleyes: (often while simultaneously eating a sandwich.......).
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  4. Go for it.
    There are some dumb names around here.
    Just find you a dumb name with A and get it going.
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  5. If this had been posted by any other nationality I wouldn't have believed it. But, yes, we really do have some daft names for rivers in the UK:D
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  6. I am tuning back into the game but not sure what we are playing now. Rivers, shoes, or something else? Not only 'what' but 'where'? Need enlightenment. :D
  7. Two choices that I can see =)
    Either start this one all over with A or head on over to this one ..... http://www.christianforumsite.com/threads/silly-town-names-a-to-z.48592/

    Or you could do both if you desire :p
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  9. Always enjoy a precious smile!
    Blessings to you

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