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    There are many aspects to the Law, we just can't get into in an online discussion I will say that a real depth of the law was to control or suppress the sin-nature.
    They didn't even know they had a sin nature.
    What they did know if they were obedient to the law they had a relationship with God. If they stepped out of that it was what was called disobedience to the law.
    That is how Paul is dealing with them in the book of Romans.
    It's all they knew, so not so much were they just trying to be stiffnecked but they had to keep the law.
    Now I think I answered a similar question with Complete on the first page as far as you asking about the More more deal. It's a lifestyle we learn as we learn Christ who is our life, only life. So the life you live become's spontaneous. Every aspect of the Christ-life which is your life is lived out dailey.
    You don't pray it up, beg it up, it just is and you know it (revelation).
    That is the christian life God planned before the foundation of the world, Eph. 1:4.
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