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  1. Ride4theson

    or anyone who might know.

    My Weimaraner is favoring his left paw. Will not step down on it.

    He's a huge dog and when I lifted his paw and tilted it back like you would a horse's hoove, he yelped.

    I do not have the money for a vet right now. ( I mean if I have to I will get a loan from someone, but I hope I don't have to do that).

    Any suggestions as to how to find out if it's something he might have stepped on? He hasn't done any real active activity in which he could have hurt a bone or anything....

    Please help.

    Thanks, Cheri
  2. I'll try to help.

    Is he licking it?
    Is he trying to use it, or hobbling and refusing to let it touch the ground?

    1. Damaged claw. (claw got snagged on carpet? bleeding around claw? clipped too short/into the quick? cracked or broken claw?)

    2. Object in paw. (look for blood, thorn, broken glass, split pad. did the dog just walk a long way? hot asphalt? check between the pads)

    3. sprain, broken bone. (is dog in pain by moving "ankle" severe limp? paw disfigured? swelling? )
  3. He won't let me touch it, so I'm going to have to wait until hubby gets home to check all this out.

    He had breakfast in bed this morning. I'm trying to keep him off of it as much as possible.

    Thanks so much, i'll let you know.

    Edited to say, he's not licking it and he is trying very hard to not let it touch the ground. I can tell you that much.

  4. That's not good.

    If hubby finds a thorn, glass etc.
    Remove the object with tweezers, soak in poroxide, (The paw, not the object) :D Watch for redness/swelling that could indicate an infection.

    If not, get a vet. Dogs have many small bones in their ankles, feet. a broken bone can cause life long problems for your dog if not treated properly. You especially don't want that with a larger dog like a Weimaraner, they are prone to hip problems and don't need any limping or other disabilities that would aggrivate such a condition.

    I am also praying that the Great Physician our Lord and God will bring healing and recovery to your friend. :pray:
  5. Thank you so much... we will do whatever we have to for him, whatever that entails.

    Thanks for the advice and prayers R4TS.

    Blessings, Cheri
  6. Was just talking to hubby. I broke a glass not too long ago next to the sofa. It may be a piece of glass in his paw. So, since he won't let me touch it, when hubby gets home tonight, we're going to knock him out with Benadryl (vet said it's ok) so that we can take a look.
  7. Oh my. Follow Ride4s, please!

    My lil guy, my small cat has a puncture wound in his left haunch. I'm keeping it clean but it is gross. His skin moves over a hole in his thigh muscle. He's all "mamas boy" LOL! He stays near.

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