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  1. To the middle, after which it would be running out of the woods
  2. The more I dry, the wetter I get. What am I?
  3. WRONG!
    Its a rag genius! =P
    Lol I kidd
  4. hehe, very good ones, I have been awa to long!!!!!

    a king gives his queen gift for their anniversary. It is a bottomless, endless pit for fles and blood to go into, what is it?")
  5. isnt it a bottomless, endless pit?
  6. A farmer is traveling with a sheep, a wolf, and a bag of grain. He comes to a river, with a boat only big enough for the farmer, and one other item. If he leaves the sheep with the wolf and takes the grain, the wolf will eat the sheep. If he leaves the sheep with the grain and takes the wolf, the sheep will eat the grain. How can he get all three items safely across the river?
  7. Takes the sheep across and comes back. Grabs the bag of grain and takes it across this brings the sheep back. Takes the wolf across and comes back. Then takes the sheep across.:cool::cool::cool:
  8. A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays three days and rides out on Friday. How did he do this.

    Here's a long one. Three guys stay at a hotel. They ask how much the room is. "It's $30". So they each pitch in $10. They head to the room. The manager tells the guy at the desk that it's only $25 and he needs to take the five bucks up to them. As he's going along he figures he can't divide $5 between the three guys so he is only gonna give them each a dollar and keep 2 for himself. So they each paid $9. So simple math here. 3 times 9 is 27, he keeps 2 for himself which equals 29. Wait where did the other dollar go?
  9. he kept 3 not 2.:)
  10. i know the real answer the bell boys a thief.:):eek::)the 3 men paid 27 for the room instead of 25,the bell boy robbed 2.

  11. -His horse is Friday.

    -They each paid $9 including the $2 that the guy kept, so they paid $27 and the $3 that they got back equals $30. It was just nonsense math to add the $2 to $27.
  12. only halfway. after that, he's running out of the woods.

    forwards, it is heavy. backwards, it is not. what is it?

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