Riddle Me This Thread...

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  1. Riddle Me This Thread...

    have any good riddles to share? Pt em' here!

    Okay this is my favorite one I like to use..

    The seller doesn't want it, the buyer doesn't use it and the user never sees it.. what is it?:D
  2. Hmmm... can't figure out your riddle currently, I DO have one that I know...
    Perhaps my favorite:
    "What is weightless,can be seen with the naked eye,and when you put it in a barrel,it makes the barrel lighter?"
  3. hehe, kay the only thing i can think of is air but i know there has to be more to it:).. thanks for the post, i love trying to figure these out!
  4. hmm both hard riddles..Perhaps the first is a coffin? no clue yet on second

    Heres an easy one

    what gets larger the more you take away from it?
  5. :) yup!!! u got mine hehe! very good!

    okay larger the more u take away from it.. that is hard! dirt? like digging a hole? hehe, this is fun, i am no good most the time but it is fun!:)
  6. I've heard that one I can't remember if it was light or a hole, cause they both make sense.
  7. ha! very good Mark ! both of those are great answers! lol, i said air but ur's sounds right:)
  8. If it takes 4 men an hour to dig a hole, how many men would it take to dig half of a hole in an hour?
  9. You can't dig half a hole - as soon as you dig, it's a hole. It just gets bigger the more you dig.


  10. lol I said I could not answer the second riddle then gave my riddle which had the same answer as the riddle I could not guess..Its so bed time for me
  11. awesome job revlynn! it would had taken me years for that one:)

    kay this is an old one so hope some of you haven't heard it..

    A father and sone are on there way home from a ball game when they are in an accident.
    The ambulence rushes the two to the near by hospital, where the staff are awaiting them. The son needs an operation and as they bring him into the operating room the doctor looks at the boy and says "i cannot operate on him, he is my son".
    who was the surgeon?
  12. His mother.

    What is greater than God...

    The poor have it...

    The rich need it...

    It is more evil than Satan....

    And if you eat it you will die? :confused:
  13. wow! u got it fast ride4the son! great job...

    hmmm i am going with nothing for my answer here, cause i know nothing greater than GOD!:)
  14. ...............You,......have chosen wisely! :D

    Okay,...Okay... An airplane crashed exactly on the boarder of Canada and the United states. The passengers are from all over the world, people of many countries. Where do you bury the survivors?
  15. LOL! thanks.. kay i know this one so i will leave it for someone else:p
  16. If I survived, I'd rather they don't bury me. XD
  17. 2 sons and 2 fathers went fishing. They each caught 2 fish. Why did they only end up with 6 fish?
  18. One of the sons was also a father.

    So there were only 3 people there.
  19. Yup. Son, father, grandfather.
  20. How far can a dog run in the woods?

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