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  1. 2Ch 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Our Church Family began the move towards Revival last night with our new Pastor, now, at the helm. Revival has assumed a false identity in the Christian Church today largely, I believe because of our lust for excitement. In this verse we find God's view on this matter and we, His people, should begin at this point if we, in our hearts, seek to please Him.

    To begin, we see that the verse is not addressed to the Lost Man. The LORD is addressing His people and the World does not have much to do with the Judea-Christian God and tends to completely discredit Him. And then we see to people defined, clearly, as those called by His name.

    Now, the New Testament and the New Covenant Christian is, at best, a misnomer but they will explain to us that all of the Old Testament has been superseded or over-turned by the writing and sayings of Jesus. Let's examine that Rabbit Trail for just a moment. In Genesis 1:1 we learn that God, and this is often thought of as God the Father, created all that is. And then in Mal. 3:6 we learn one absolute fact and one more true principal about God. First He does not change, as men do. And the principal has to do with God's permissive will, because of it, much is not destroyed!

    And to clarify what began this distraction, Jesus is the God of the Old Testament. (John 1:1-3) In Matt. 5:17 Jesus even took the time to point out that the Law, the first five books, and the words of the prophets will never pass away, go without effect on our daily lives, until everything is completed. All of the Christian version of the Bible is the word of God and that makes 2Chro. 7:14 important to us.

    Next we find that we must humble ourselves and the requires self control! When I was on stage I liked to have at least two of my Guitars there... it impresses girls and that is false pride. I liked to make an impression when I walked in, so I wore my Silver Belly Stetson or one of my other expensive toppers and my boots, belt, buckle and the other gear... all to impress. When I converted and began to follow my LORD all of that went into the toilet. I began to exercise control, as I never had in my previous forty-five years. All that I do, say or wear is planned to bring honor and glory to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. (I do not always succeed but I try.)

    And the we must do what we were doing when we turned our lives over to God in the first place and often forget to do with time, seek the face of God. When I was training for my purpose in the Army, Helicopter Crew Chief, I first had to learn to put my socks on correctly, clean my rifle, march and a complete list of the basics a professional soldier must know before I was ever allowed to even look at a Tool Box and I began to wonder if I would ever fly... it was almost six months of daily training before I could sit inside a Chopper.

    The Christian is much more fortunate, from day one we can walk with God... if we seek after Him. When we seek Revival, yes, we hope to influence the Lost to turn from their evil ways and to be saved but that is Conversion, not Revival. Revival occurs when we revive our desire to serve God. Never had the desire in the first place? Maybe it's time you do a Spiritual Inventory and consult with your Pastor. Don't worry, you'll not upset his world but you might cause a revival in both of your lives.
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  2. Y'know Bill, this is so true. If we as a people of the Lord would truly humble ourselves and get on with the business of obedience to Him, people would be drawn to the Lord like bees to a flower.

    But all too often I've heard the word 'revival' used in a very self seeking way. "Let's have a revival and the Lord's blessing will be on us!" not, "let's return to our 'first love' of the Lord and pay Him His due obedience".
    Keep up the good posts, and the Lord bless ya young fella.
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  3. What a great reminder and so true! I find, in my own life, when I am feeling...let's say, less than humble...I can usually expect something to come along that will humble me if I'm not the one to get there myself. And, I thank Him for that! :)
  4. The LORD had to bring me to the ground before I acknowledged His call after better than 23 years later. And, even then, I thought to make a deal with Him. He did teach me not to try that, ever again, and He has dropped the boom on me several times since to keep my pride down. And yet, through it all I have never been so blessed.

    God is good!

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