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    Here is a book I wrote on understanding revelations,
    This is NOT AN ENDORSED PRODUCT by either the Christian Forum site or any other religious group.
    The book is available on Amazon for a few bucks.
    The book is only available as an EBOOK.
    About me, I have been a Christian since about 1978 and from that time I have been keen on Revelation and prophecy. While I did write a little local church magazine on revelation I did not consider writing until only about five years ago. This book actually grew out of posts on a site like the Christian forum site. I have been Lutheran, Church of Christ, even semi-catholic, currently assembly of God.
    Its a short book, about a hundred pages, and simply written.
    DATE SETTING. The book examines possible timelines for future events,
    However God has established that very clearly in Acts that He has set the times and events by His own authority, not even the Angels or Jesus know when. [and of course anyone who says they know do not know because that is contrary to scripture].
    Acts 1 occurred in about 30 AD,
    but Paul was addressing peoples concerns about the return of the Lord about 20 years later,
    then another 15 years later Peter was addressing it,
    then finally God addresses the future by giving John the revelations between 70 and 100 AD,
    though He revealed events He did so without dating it,
    and the reason for this as I explain in my book is it is necessary for each generation to have expectation.
    THE RAPTURE. Note carefully that I am a mid tribulation rapture person because a few scriptures lend themselves to this interpretation, you may not agree, that's fine.
    We ought always to expect the return of the Lord because He is coming in an hour we don't know, but for the purpose of this book a MID point of the tribulation is taken as the book divides the 7 years of Tribulation into two periods: Great Tribulation and Wrath.
    I place the kingdom of the beast as ISIS middle east, not the roman catholic church, even though some books equate the pope and church as great harlot etc, I don't.
    As with any book of this nature no one should get excited, we are called to Love one another and be Holy as we see the day drawing nearer.
  2. Member Note: Thallon has staff permission to link to his book off-site. We wish him well and hope that this venture is successful.

  3. How about a free copy?
  4. I don't know if I can since its under contract to an Ebook supplier.
  5. Hi. Did you get this on Amazon by a publisher or did you put it up yourself via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)? If the answer to this is through a publisher, giving it away might be complex. If you used KDP you own the rights to your book. (If you signed with KDP Select you cannot -sell- the book outside of Amazon for 90 Days but you can give away copies in contests, as Advanced Reader Copies, for review purposes, etc.) I hope this helps you. Good luck! :)

    (How I know? Book blogger / indie author)
  6. I paid an amount of money and the publisher formats the book and supplies it to amazon, any sales they take a cut and send me the balance. I should make my money back in about 20 years.

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