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  1. Returning

    Yes, I'm coming back to this forum. I have read too much as of late that has made me...uncomfortable...with some of my brothers and sisters within the Christian world. Through this site and many many others, I will be focusing on combating non-Christian thought and deed done in the name of Christianity. This practice has become a plague on the hearts of men. While we cannot become perfect, we can live God's word to the fullest as it is written.

    Too many on this earth are twisting God's Word to support their own twisted agendas. I cannot think of a greater sin.


  2. welcome back.
  3. Hi WasLost, May I ask you what YOU believe is the Truth of the Living God? Just asking you to share, not for debate purposes. Thank you.
    Forgive me, Welcome back!
  4. The truth is in your Bible. Plain and simple. It is not open to "interpretation."
  5. Very good answer. Wisdom lies in the heart and mind of he or she who studies God's Word.
  6. Nice to see you again, Kent. Your input and commentary was missed while you were gone. God bless...
  7. First, I am glad you are back.

    Now, we do have to understand that the truth is, people do interpret scripture differently.
    Yes, the truth is in the Bible but if we were all gifted enough to understand each scripture, we would not need teachers, preachers and Pastors.
  8. wonderfully easy it is to trust in our pastors, teachers, preachers, preists, etc. But how are we to know that their "interpretation" is correct? It is this very concept that has driven me to trust ONLY in the bible itself. I trust GOD to help me with its interpretation. The communities we've created may well be joyous celebrations of His Word, but also consider that our differing interpretations have caused countless schisms within Christianity.

    What do you say when you are asked about your religion? Do you list your denomination or say "Christian" when you answer? Christianity has become an enemy unto itself when considering how many walls we've erected between our brothers and sisters. We have Catholics, Protestants, Apostolics, Evangelicals, Methodists, Pentecostals, Mormons, Raelians, Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists, Restorationists, Episcopalians, Messianic Jews, Quakers, Amish, Unitarians, Millerites, Adventists, Anabaptists, Pietists, Presbyterians, Eastern Orthodox, and Brethrens just to name a few. Do you think Christ wants segregation or congregation?

    Who's word is REALLY being taught? How much of the Word is being skewed? I have faith in my bible. I have faith that God will ensure my understanding. I have the humility to know I am not capable of wholely understanding His Plan. I am not disparaging Church leaders or the communities of Christ. However, I will always question when people "interpret" the Word of God.


  9. Welcome back WasLost. ;)
  10. Howzit!

    Welcome back WasLost!

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