Returning To Catholic Church And Requirement To Teach My Children Catholicism?

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  1. Just a little background. My soon-to-be ex-wife (divorcing in June) and I are both lapsed baptized Catholics. Both rebelled in our teens and left the church. Both attended other churches, was not married in a Catholic church nor by a Catholic priest.

    Due to a schedule change at work, the only option for me it seems for church is to return to the Catholic church because of the Saturday evening mass. No other church in my area has a Saturday evening service. I believe this was God calling me back into the Catholic church as there has been stirrings for a while now.

    Went to confession last Friday and talked with the priest regarding the above issues that I mentioned. I have been given forgiveness, given penance and am able to return to taking communion even with the impending divorce (that was a huge concern of mine before returning to the church).

    The only thing he warned me against was that if I decide in the future to get involved with another woman to be sure that I have already done the lack of form. Otherwise, I will no longer be able to take communion until I do the lack of form.

    I guess another question would be is would I be required to teach my kids Catholicism?

    That will be a huge sticking point as far as their mom goes. She is custodial parent and she wants nothing to do with the Catholic church and doesn't want our kids raised in the Catholic faith. It would cause undue hardship on me and very likely the kids by extension.

    Also, I get the kids every other week. I will be going to mass alone and I know that my church does not have a place for the kids to go to, especially on Saturday afternoons, like other churches that I have been to. My kids are three and one. For me to bring both would not be easy for me alone as the three year old doesn't sit still for very long, and the one year old neither.

    Am I okay to go to Mass every other Saturday for this reason? If not, what am I supposed to do?
  2. Sure wasn't God calling you back into Popery. Your kids mother is correct in wanting nothing to do with Catholicism. You obviously need guidance in the truth of scriptures and Christ and His gospel. Catholicism is anti Christ and opposes the true gospel of grace in Christ Jesus in almost every way. Seek Gods mercy in Christ and pray that He may open your heart to show you your sin and need of forgiveness in Christ Jesus and His merits alone. Flee to Christ and His righteousness alone! Apart from you resting in the truth of the gospel according to scriptures; the wrath of God is all you should expect. Gods judgement and His cup of anger shall soon be poured upon Popery. Stay far away from Roman Catholicism
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    Are these the types of replies I can expect on this site? If, so I am sorry for signing up and will not come back as I did not come here for anti-Catholic rhetoric. I did not come here to be proselytized. I did not come here to hear other's negative views on the Catholic Church.

    I came here to have the specific questions I raised above answered without Catholic hatred spewing from those answers. If that is not going to happen than let me know and I will leave this site and not look back.
  4. Divorce is a very unsettling time for both parties.
    I think you would be best advised to just take things one day at a time until things settle down into some sort of routine.
    Meantime just enjoy your time with the children and don't worry about the future you have zero control over.
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  5. Thank you! Very wise words.
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  7. Hi Brother,

    I too was baptized/born into the Catholic church and divorced with two kids between us. I also left the church, not in rebellion, but because I found the wonderful truth in His word and the Lord gave me a peace that Catholicism never gave me and interesting enough, I go to church on Saturday also:) If your wanting to know more PM me.

    With all that said, sorry about your situation. Just remember, if you still love your wife, don't give up. Things can still turn around, although it might be a very painful process for you.

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  8. Thank you for replying to my thread.

    I just took a brief glance at your posts and see that you attend a Seventh Day Adventist Church. I'm pretty sure that you're going to tell me to go there, but I do not agree with much of what they do. I will leave it at that because I do not want to seem as though I am coming down on you or your church.

    I actually have found peace back in the Catholic church. It feels like home and where I should be.
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  9. There's nothing inherently wrong with going to church at a catholic church. If you feel led to go there then do so. If you feel lead to pursue membership - then do so. Remember that where 2 or more gather in Jesus name - He will be present..... Every single local Catholic Church congregations I have visited would certainly qualify...

    I have attended many Catholic masses and quite a few bible studies - and I have never ever witnessed any of the shenanigans that are so often cited. What I have found is bible believing orthodox Christians who love Jesus very deeply.

    Teaching your kids their doctrines and traditions is no different from teaching doctrines and traditions from anywhere else.

    Realistically - every church has their own doctrinal idiosyncrasies that they want you to subscribe to when you seek membership..... Some are more strict in this than others. I mean - if you want to be a member of a baptist church - you have to be baptized by them.

    You will be fine.
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    In regards to my church, please do not worry about offending me with any criticism. I am an ambassador of Heaven first and foremost, and truth can afford to be fair. Other peoples view does not make truth truth, but truth is objective and will remain truth even if no one in the entire world believed it. Therefore, anything you feel is a problem with my denomination is OK with me, really. However, I am sure you would not want to believe something that isn't true; or if it is true, you would not want to reject it for the wrong reasons I am sure. Therefore, any opinions or questions about my church, its origins, its beliefs etc.. is okay with me. And if your wanting to make sure your on solid ground, you would be open also to hearing truth, whether it is to clear a misconception, or if it is to expose a serious error. I am not here to glorify my church, but to glorify God alone and if the Lord chooses to glorify His church in order that His name may be glorified, so be it.

    With that said, the peace I am talking about I can take with me, even if my denomination were to crumble into the dust. Even if all circumstances were to fail, this is the peace I am referring to. If you have that peace my brother, then you will know that it is not the Catholic church that gives it to you, but Jesus Christ alone.

  11. My friend,

    Other churches are not the standard, the bible is the standard.

  12. I find it so sad that denominations thrive in Christendom and yet they have no biblical foundation.

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  13. . C c
    Its not fine! And you will not be fine.. Can any of you who preach peace peace to this person continuing in popery prove from scripture that Catholicisms foundation is Christ Jesus and His gospel according to scriptures alone? No you can't! For anyone who professes Christ and sees no difference in popery from the true gospel of grace in Christ, then that professor has not come to see Christ and the mercy of salvation!! Period. Doctrine is irrelevant isn't it?
  14. I will continue in the Catholic Church, and you will not sway me. I have been to most denominations and non-denominational and the only place that has felt like I am home, like I belong there is the Catholic Church.

    I believe that there is a home for all Christians, be it the Catholic Church, Lutheran, Baptist, non-denominational, etc... Each is a different part of the same body.

    You are free to disagree, but let's stop dragging the Catholic Church through the mud, okay?
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  15. To further expand my thought about there being a home for all Christians, I believe that when they find that home, it will feel like a home and will feel differently than if they attended a different church.

    I feel at home in the Catholic Church.
  16. Only the Lord can convince you of the truth and grant you repentance.. My warning to you no doubt is hoping to sway you by Gods grace in resting in Christ alone for your salvation. And not in popery. Wouldn't put my trust in attending most of these buildings or fellowships you mentioned as "not feeling at home." Scripture should be your foundation in Christ, not your emotional comfort of feeling at home. I disagree strongly! Like I said, unless you can prove that Catholicism holds to the truth of scriptures alone, you cannot say all fellowships are of the same body. Ecumenism is the foundation of apostasy. So doctrine means nothing correct? Catholicism drags Christ and His truth through the mud. And makes scriptures irrelevant when compared to its traditions

  17. I guess in order to keep peace we will have to agree to disagree.
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