Return of christian conservatism: Traditions

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Celtat, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Return of christian conservatism: Traditions

    Do you know of any old Traditions that are making a resurgence?

    I come from generations of tatters, Our family had tatted crosses in their bibles for generations. Like the one in my Avatar pic. I sell these online and i'm seeing a great deal of interest among people wanting to restart this tradition. What others do you see or hear of?
  2. It might sound a bit optomistic, but in this time of economic hardships, I am seeing a renewed interest in people just loving God and getting back to knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Adversity brings people together out of necessity and when strangers start talking together, it sometimes brings about discussions on Christian values and how those values can overcome the hardships. Governments bring about the adversities in most cases, but it is The People who make the decisions that make the changes that sets the governments and bad policies in order eventually. With God's guidance, the old traditions of proper Christian values will shine through, and the darkness of hardship and adversity will be left behind.

    May God bless...

    Pastor Gary

  3. well said Pastor. i also like the tattered crosses. i have never seen 1. It is a good thing to sell and spread the word of the Lord. Hmmmm i just might be interested

    PM me Celtat
    God bless you
    Chili out:smiley20:
  4. Thank you for the replies, It seems this christmas may be less material things under the trees, but more meaning behind the things given. I agree Pastory Gary, lets hope more old christian values and traditions are reborn. I'm giving handmade presents this year, out of necessity and out of love. I teach Crochet locally and most of my students want to learn so they can make gifts this year that they can give with a piece of themselves.

    As for my crosses, I call them '724 Prayers' because its that many stitches to make one.

    A woman who found me online said she was given her first bible when she was only 5, with a cross in it her grandmother had tatted. What a lovely legacy that she still has it, she knew she wanted to keep this tradition alive in her family and in the families of her dearest friends. When her grandmother passed, she went years without a tatter to help her continue this tradition, I feel so blessed to be able to help.
    I'm listing a special cross for CFS members, please PM me if you'd like to see it.

    Let's hope this tough time helps a lot of others simplify their lives and rediscover whats important, family, god, the peace that comes with reducing the material trappings and the chaos.

    We can't afford to take the kids to exciting places, so we go to the library more, we do crafts more, and bake our own cookies, overall i can's say these tough times are necessarily bad, if it brings families closer.

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