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  1. We may have done this is the past, however I'm going to reignite it.
    So I'll post 3 words then the next posts 3 to follow on to create a story and visa versa.

    Anyone can join this - let's see how long we can get.

    Remember the rules please, they still apply here.

    I'll start:

    One rainy day...
  2. ...over the land...
  3. a peaceful calm
  4. But also eerie...
  5. made the people...
  6. Attack their clones...
  7. which they thought...
  8. were pretty cute...
  9. until they noticed
  10. that Jim had
  11. Gods working Power
  12. which maintained peace
  13. Casting out demons
  14. setting captives free
  15. and while fishing,
  16. Using God's bait
  17. catching all people
  18. In a huge net
  19. now gathered together,

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