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Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by AtomicSnowflake, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. There are some things that have restricted permissions... such as "downloads" will not allow me to access to read/download the sermons..
    Also the "media" is restricted.
    I understand if adding something must be moderated/approved... but do we have to have some sort of paid membership to view/download something?
    It seems the site features allow for more resources than just simple forums. It would be nice to to an increase of material/resources in other areas as well.
    So, I'm just wondering if the lack of use is due to coding/scripting issues, approval/moderating time, money, or just a simple matter of granting permissions?
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  2. Thank you for the inquiry. When the forum was changed over to Xenforo based software, several linking features were not carried over and are not fully supported as before. As we understand it, this may possibly have something to do with source copyright management and the way that this software handles copyrighted material from off-site web locations. However, we will send your inquiry to our Webmaster and have him do an analysis to what, if any, additional steps can be taken to open up certain features. This may take awhile, so please be patient.
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  3. Thank you :) I was just wondering about it.
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  4. Try it now. It's not always the way I'm used to setting it, but I tried turning downloads on.
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  5. That seemed to work... (but those posts are linking to sites that are no longer available...) But at least I'm able to read the portions of the posts that are there. So any of them that say... "click here to read more", and link to offsite, no longer exist
    So now we know :)
    Thanks so much for checking on it...
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  6. Yeah. If the site is no longer there, there isn't much I can do about that.
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