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  1. We rest, knowing the Father before time loved us and purposed to save us. We rest, knowing the Son Jesus washed our sins away. We rest, knowing the Holy Spirit will guide us through faith. We should walk not by flesh, not in sorrow, and not in defeat. We should walk by the Spirit, in faith, and in victory. Sin infects our flesh, but we know the battle has already been won, and one day the Lord will bring us a sinless body to live in and Earth to live on. By faith and the teachings of scripture, holy living will come.
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  2. We need to live for Christ and die to gain Christ and lose the world to gain eternity.
  3. Sin also infescts our spirit man and faith and love as well.
    Whats cool is the word sorrow also means toil. Such as Proverbs 10:22
    The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.
    Unlike the worldy people who have to toil in order to create finances or just to make it in this world.

    We how ever can rest in the Peace and Love of God.
    God Bless
  4. Since we are Christians, we don't have to work hard to get money?

    I rest in the fact that I know where my soul is going. On this earth though there is much work to be done for the Lord. I thank Him for the days I have to rest
  5. Never said that !!
    When you are walking under the blessing of the Lord ( this not just being saved ) it takes the struggle out of things.
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  6. I see that now, my bad! amen brother!
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  7. Have a very Blessed and Joyful week end Klub
    Gode Bless
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