Resist the devil and he will flee from you

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  1. James 4:7 KJV
    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    What does it mean to resist the devil?
  2. Don't listen to his lies; when he tries and tempts you in - cast him out in Jesus' name.
    Make him unsuccessful in seducing your curiosity, don't let him manipulate you with false Bible doctrine.
    As I have said before, Satan is a master of the Bible, he knows it well. He will spew false translations to us and make us question God.
    Don't....stay strong in faith my friend.
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  3. One thing you should do is to put on the armor of God daily. The helmet of salvation and the shield of faith are our defenses against the trials and temptations of the enemy.
    I can tell when I haven't put on the armor, I end up fighting more battles than I need to.
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  4. Very simple, don't yield to temptation.
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  5. To resist the devil means to stand against him, and to oppose him when you encounter him in all the many ways he presents himself.
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  6. Juk these all are good valid points that you have in here. Now there seems to be an area missing. This area is your mouth and - NO JUK- YOUR means every ones.
    It's what we say - we get upset and the devil will fill your emotions and feelings and actions and words if he can and he does a lot to people. What wee say is vital - Gods words or satans words which are simply worldly and fleshly words. blankety atheist ...that was not a God given moment brother when you wrote that post.

    Any way submit to Gods ways and this includes in your reaction to every action.
    No matter what - operate under biblical principle - meaning USE HIS WRITTEN WORD.
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  7. Thanks. That's very important as well.
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  8. Juk you got that right and believe me when I say it is a life long habit to learn and put into practice.
    God Bless My Friend
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  9. Conquering satan (part one)

    Youtube channel: David Middleton
    He's really good looking just in the Bible and going to the original Hebrew and Greek meanings :)
  10. Some good advice here. I hate my flesh it's a constant battle everyday, at least for me.
    One thing though, it's hard for the enemy to get to you when you're in your prayer
    closet crying out to to your savior.
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  11. I am just thinking about Matt 5:39 ''do not resist an evil person''.... but resist the devil :).

    I see this as a quote from Adam and Eve's experience. Giving in to temptation caused them to fall out of favor with God, making them the evil person. It is interesting how many accuse God of evil for putting the devil with Adam and Eve, but we know that the devil had no power over them. All he can do is tempt us to rebel against God / do what is evil.

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