Researchers Create a beating Heart

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  1. Researchers Create a beating Heart

    University of Minnesota researchers have created a beating heart in the laboratory. By using a process called whole organ decellularization, scientists from the University of Minnesota Center for Cardiovascular Repair grew functioning heart tissue by taking dead rat and pig hearts and reseeding them with a mixture of live cells. The research will be published online in the January 13 issue of Nature Medicine.
  2. I have two things to say about that.

    First they mave have assembled a heart but they used partd God had already created to do so.

    Secondly a ?, can such a heart ever know how to love?
  3. I'm pretty sure its the brain that loves. So if someone needed a heart transplant, and got this, they would still love the same way. :eek:
  4. That's what I was thinking... taking credit for an invention that was already invented by God himself. Using God's parts. Sounds like copyright infringement to me.

    Hee hee hee:eek:
  5. Actually it is the inner man that can really love that is your spirit.
  6. Man tries taking alot of credit for Gods creations.
  7. Actually, I feel love in my heart.

    It gets all fuzzy and it doesn't happen as often as it should.

    My brain gets fuzzy every day.:eek:
  8. [​IMG]

    This is the heart they grew out of a shell.
  9. a coverer and a copyer would do such thing.and as we know in life a bad copy is still a bad
  10. Man can only ever build with the materials God has given him There is but one true Creator.
  11. the coverer of God,s work will be put in his place.
  12. I have often mentioned that God only allows us to do what He wants us to do. If it were possible for a cow to be the surrogate mother of a baby boy or girl, that boy or girl would still be a human being. The medium wouldn’t make any difference. Don’t you think? What’s more, we could all praise God because of the knowledge and ability that we have inherited in Him through creation. Were we at some point able to create life, something I doubt man will ever do, shouldn’t the praise and the glory go to God? In my opinion, the fact that science has developed to the extent that it has is confirmation that man is the product of the most intelligent being. So, the more scientists achieve, the more I rejoice in Christ because while they can recreate many things, they can’t take the stain of sin from mankind. Aids may be overcome by restructuring some basic aberrations in our DNA. But sin can only be removed by the power of the Cross. Paul tells us that we have a ministry of reconciliation and I can say with all confidence that there isn’t a scientist in the world that can claim that wonderful an achievement in any lab, ever. As I see it, Cloning is by far one of man’s greatest achievements. I used to think, years ago, that the Anti-Christ could be a test tube baby. Now I am convinced that what better claim to fame than to say that this great leader that comes to deceive the nations is the firstborn clone of ??? ____________. The parallel with the true Christ is more than amazing. But even if that is only my farfetched imagination at work, how wonderful that God has given us the knowledge and ability to make all these new scientific discoveries. But life, eternal life, comes through Jesus.
  13. Peter - yeah, the glory should go to God...but it won't.

    Man is arrogant, proud, boisterous. Look at how badly he's bragging that he's done this with God's own creation..."created" a beating heart???

    If one day in the future, man really is able to create life...this would be an act of the created becoming creator. God should get the glory over that one as well...

    ...but then loop back on this. We're bragging over a heart here. What would mankind say if he, dare say it, created a living, breathing, independently acting organism?

    He wouldn't give God the glory...he'd take it all for his own and run. That's our nature.

    And that's why I think it's wrong. The part about the cow becoming a surrogate? That's just wrong to me. The cow would be the mother, and I'm getting ill just thinking about this one.:(

    I think what people are trying to say in this thread is that it isn't fair for the researchers to say they've "created" a beating heart, because they're using parts that God has already invented.

    You're right - He does deserve the glory!:)
  14. I wonder if sucha child would eat hamburger? Would that make them a cannibal?

    I also wonder if those researches could get togeather and make themselves a brain? LOL!
  15. They wouldn't know how to.
  16. some animals can change sex,in a do scientists explain this.?evolutional sex change,lol.they are very blinkered.
  17. stomach is still churning over that cow-thing. Blech!


    I'd rather have a stomach bloated full of infected puss than to have that image come into my mind again for the first time...yeeesh! Seriously, that's how sick it made me. I thought about that one all night, trying to get it out of my head.


    Almost as bad as the cloned meat they're talking about every morning on the news.

    What do you know about that, Bo? Why would you have to clone meat? Isn't there enough cows as it is? hee hee hee

  18. **SARCASM ALERT!!!** Alert

    Took them long enough! Mine actually happened by accident. What's so special about making one?


    Sheesh! I get real irritated when these scientists play God, and continue to deny Him...They don't even BELIEVE in Him...Why would they wish to play Him?
  19. Funny posts. I hope you took a couple of alkaseltzers. Sorry for the revolting thought. However, it was meant to be. My point is that God is in control and man cannot do anything that God doesn't want him to. None of these things are a threat to God. And, yes, not everyone is going to give God the glory. But the glory is His regardless. So if man can clone hearts, great. Would God have had it any other way? No. God has a purpose in all these things. For now, though, I think I'll slap one of those 1/2 pound burgers on the grill. :dance:

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