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  1. Hello fellow believers in Christ Jesus.

    Has anyone ever studied a subject in school like algebra and finally see the big picture and now things are so much easier to figure out. Like a puzzle that has been decoded. In my past post I came to believe that Revelation was already fulfilled as complete. After looking at the evidence like in a court case my conclusion is (drum roll) that it is yet to be fulfilled. My ignorance and lack of understanding has pushed me away from many believers.

    After researching I feel like I was told Santa Clause isn't real. I had sense of disappointment, confusion, and then anger. Now I see the lies of the devil. He is involved in the music and movie industry, politics and religion, and the corporate world. Everywhere I turn there is a signs and symbols of the devil. I often wondered why the number 33 ALWAYS seem to show up in a lot of things. Also pyramids and all seeing eyes are everywhere.

    Have you ever bought a car and never noticed any of your kind on the road until you buy one. Same thing goes with all the signs of Satan. I started noticing thing once I saw the first 33, or pyramid. The world seems to be upside down. Look at the middle east. Look at our economies around the world. Seeing the signs of weather changes, earthquakes, animals dying un explained, famine, wars, floods, droughts, pestilence, sickness and death, and Rivers turning red.

    The end times are upon us. I believe this now....
  2. I believe we are in the times of the Seals.

    1) Satan has gone out to conquer, and is conquering through the media, politics, and the monetary system: because the Church is fast becoming lukewarm;
    2) There is never a day when we do not hear about the start of a new war, or a continuing of an old one;
    3) The weather is beginning to cause havoc in the farm belt in the U.S., and famine is increasing worldwide;
    4) the fourth horseman is right behind, if in fact he is not on the scene yet.

    But, that is just what I think.
  3. Idk...I am inclined to believe this as well but during the Black Death they had sickness, death, famine, droughts....they were convinced it was the end then, as well.

    But the state of Israel is quite telling...

    I got swept up into post- millenial eschatology for awhile...I'm not sure what to believe about the end times. All I can say is

  4. _________________________________________________

    "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."
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  5. While we are indeed coming to an end, the seals have not yet been touched. All dogma aside, here's why. Daniel says the antichrist makes a covenant with Israel for one "week", or seven years. Revelation says that the two witnesses preach for 1260 days, are killed by the antichrist, lay dead where they fell for 3.5 days and are brought back to life and then raptured up. Their death occurs on a Passover and the antichrist desecrates the temple (yet to be built) and it says that Israel needs to flee to the wilderness for 1260 days, and then her Redeemer comes. 1260 + 1260 = 2520 and if you divide that up into years you get two sets of 3.5 years, or two sets of 42 months. So, if the times spoken by all Scriptures is put together, the tribulation starts with the arrival of the two witnesses which cannot be harmed and when the covenant with Israel is signed. Neither, as of this typing, has occurred yet.
  6. ____________________________________________________________

    Let's see if I understand your chronology:

    Peace Treaty: peace for 3.5 yr.;
    Temple built
    Two Witnesses: 3.5 years of tribulation;
    Church sent to wilderness
    (Is the "rapture" at the end of these 6.5 years?)

    Where in the above scenario do you believe the seals begin to be opened?
  7. 100% wrong... I really wonder what I said that would even remotely give you this interpretation

    Peace Treaty: 7 years
    Temple built: during the first part of the 7 years
    Israel: to flee to the wilderness (as the church was raptured before the treaty is signed)
    Seals: open throughout the 7 years

    Where did you get the 6.5 years from? 3.5+3.5=7
    Then I said "Israel" you said "church"... you don't believe that replacement theology garbage do you?
  8. _____________________________________________
    I believe that I got those 6.5 years from my fingers on the keyboard (6 & 7 are right next to each other, you know):
    oops, almost put down 605 you wonder where I would have got that from? I'm sorry: are you the only
    one that can be sarcastic?

    My initial math was 3.5 and 3.5: because the first 3.5 would have been the peace treaty, and the Temple would have
    had to have been built before the desecration and the carrying away to the wilderness. That would leave 3.5 more years
    for the tribulation.

    As for the "replacement theology", I don't know what you mean...unless you are saying that the believers (Church) that have
    believed they have been adopted into the " of God...", and that that is just garbage. Well, to you it might be: but maybe not to other believers that meet your criteria of salvation, except that they believe that they are Jews! And what about those who believe that the Lord Jesus is coming again...after the tribulation? Do they also believe garbage? Or those who believe the Lord will come in the middle of the tribulation? Garbage?

    Now I suppose I will be reprimanded for this post. But perhaps you know too much to receive correction. I applaud you!
  9. Since you find anything I say as either "sarcastic" or that I'm too "much to receive correction" I simply bid you a blessed day.
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    Beloved, it's not everything you say: you just seemed to (I believe) include too many people.
    Walk holy in the Lord, Beloved.
  11. I'm sorry, that doesn't make any sense.

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