Reputable Christian Websites?

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  1. I wonder if anyone can recommend some good Christian websites which are inclusive of all branches of Christianity.

    I do not put much value in those that are hateful or divisive. To that end, I disqualify,,,, and along with a few others for reasons I don't want to get into here.

    But I would like to know about others if you recommend them.
  2. I'm starting to hate CARM. I don't think they are getting enough traffic so all they post is crap to get people upset.

    I'd like some good websites as well.
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    Frankly, I doubt you are ever going to find any such website. I don't think there could be all inclusive website as such. Because you and me will disagree about something.. So there is always going to be something to disagree
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  5. Do you mean that you think it is not possible to have a website for Christians that ties in all Christian beliefs?
  6. So, you hate those branches of Christianity that aren't sufficiently ecumenical for your tastes? Why don't you just be more straightforward and ask or Liberal-leaning Christian websites (forums?)?

    There's no such thing as a website (or a person, or a country, etc) that embraces all branches of Christianity. It's physiologically impossible, as you yourself demonstrate by wanting to spit on a list of Christian websites.
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  7. What nonsense. Every one of those websites listed is anti-Catholic, which, like it or not, is the largest branch of Christianity. If they choose to distance themselves from the majority of Christians in one fell swoop, I don't think I can take them seriously. One of them ( is even considered a hate site. A little odd that you would be defending something like THAT.
  8. Are you only looking for forums?
  9. Dang, man. You really made a ton of assumptions here.

    I think he's probably talking about a neutral website or one that shows multiple viewpoints without declaring most of them to be heresy. That's what I'm looking for, at least.
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  10. You're looking for a Christian website that doesn't include baptism, salvation, hell, sin, prayer, or inerrancy of the bible, because no two Christians, regardless of denomination, are going to agree on these. Your short time here is an example.
  11. How about just some websites that allow those things to be discussed? I don't feel like I'm asking for the moon, here.
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  12. Uh, they're discussed here.
  13. The "" website does have places If you just want to discuss "Catholic" doctrines.
    I was a member there for a while until I recieved the left foot of fellowship from them.
    Not that I was banned, but severely limited to places no one goes. :)
  14. There's no such thing as a neutral anything, except for a gear in a car.

    A place that doesn't accuse X of heresy will accuse Y of hate.
  15. Does that mean you just don't discuss it?
  16. So I think you're hinting at the fact your not a young earth creationist. So I would suggest reasons to believe (,, biologos, christian think tank, I stray away from Paul copan but sometimes he is helpful. (He usually does not give adequate rebuttals) someone else also made a good list.
  17. Thanks, I will check those out!

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