repenting your sins

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  1. repenting your sins

    what age would you do this?do you advise your children before or after there own marriages.or should it be done earlier,or does God choose when the time is ok.?
  2. When you are old enough to understand the need you are old enough to repent- blessings Larry
  3. good answer lol.
  4. so what do you think i should wait until they realise themselves or should i advise them.i have 2 girls,i dont want to put too much info into them .
  5. As the father, you are the spiritual leader of your house. You should not wait for them to come around before you lead them. Lead them from the very beginning to the very end.
  6. I couldn't find where I read it, but I know it's among the red letters... Jesus talks about picking up defilement simply by being in the world, and commands us to "wash our feet" daily.

    So that's sort of a cleanse of the spirit, as opposed to repenting for actual sins. However, I was once told that a person should repent for any sin brought to their mind.

    I'll know I'll be out doing something, and out of nowhere, seemingly, I'll recall some old wrong I did, and repent of it immediately, even if I have before. My goal is to try to not dwell on what I've done, but rather the lesson I learned from it, and the grace that delivered me from it.

    You can't repent too much, but true repentance is to make a valiant effort to not repeat that which you are repenting of (hence the term).
  7. Sorry SC I have been gone a few days on family business-
    the bible declares that we should " train up a child in the way they should go"- we are the ones who are responsible for loving them and sharing the truth of God's Word BUT like baptism or other religious rituals that some expierienced as a babe they need to be a choice of each individuals heart as they mature in understanding- love em, lead em ,let them learn to fly!:D
  8. This is the answer for the original Repent and being saved. But I have to admit I ask Christ to for is forgiveness and for him to FILL my heart as well as offer myself as a living sacrifice daily. I know its overkill I just want to make sure.

  9. As a father of 3 boys, I agree completely, Larry. Good post!

  10. I think the verse you are talking about in John 13:10.

    Jesus said in Mark 7:14-23 that defilement comes from within, with reference to the heart.

    Repentance is not just a one-time thing, it is a continual action of a Christian. As God continues to reveal things that are displeasing, we should repent of them. Keep a clean slate, so to speak.

    You have a very sensitive spirit and that is a great quality. :D
  11. Children can also take in quite a bit of information. When they're young, their minds are like sponges. They can take up a lot of information and retain it pretty well. I don't think telling them the gospel is going to be too much for them, as long as you put it in the right perspective.

    If you want to learn more on how to do it, you could try out, "A Case for Christ (For Kids)" and "A Case for Faith (For Kids)". You can get them for about $8 each on Amazon (link)
  12. thanks for the advice.

  13. I tell you, right from the time your child starts talking and hearing, you should lead them in the way of the Lord.
    I don't have kids yet, but I will rather follow my parent's footsteps, by teaching my kids right from when they start hearing and speaking. It was their teaching that re-echoes in my mind both day and night. So do not wait at all. It is what your kid sees you do that he will also copy.:)

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